Incoming!: Forge World Open day announcement…

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Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is the Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan you see there!

Its been announced that this model will be available to buy (in limited numbers I imagine) at the up and coming Forge World open day.

Some of you (like myself) have probably seen the early mock up models at other shows, but I honestly didn't expect it to be for sale already!

Apparently the rules and technical specs will be in Imperial Armour 11.

Veeery nice!

More pics here:

Incoming: New Space Combat…from Mongoose!

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Well, looks like Mongoose have decided to return to their Call to Arms space combat system!

For those of you that don't know, Call to Arms was originally the sytem used by Mongoose games for their Babylon 5 game. Myself and a few of the Phat Cats used to play this some years ago and thought it was awesome! However, Mongoose suffered as part of the recession and it got pulled along with all their other miniature based games.

Now, obviously this new game isn't Babylon 5, but it's a system that may be worth a look if it's as good as the old system. If not, I've still got my old rule books (and an ISA fleet) kicking around if someone fancies something different to Firestorm 😉

First Look: Grey Knights

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So, as you may of seen, myself and Dustin decided to see what the new Grey Knight codex was like on the table the other night. A very close game (check out the battle report) but I thought i'd post up my own personal thoughts about how they performed. Being an old school Daemonhunters player, I'm very excited about this release, but hopefully what I review here is quite unbiased.

Rather than repeat the list I used as it's already in the battle report, Im just going to review each of the units I used.

For just under 1500pts I had just 24 models on the table, but as they're meant to be an 'Elite' army, I'm hopeful they'll hold their own! (more…)

Incoming: Official Grey Knights stuff!!

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Well, things are really hotting up now...Games Workshop have posted up a 'Getting Started with Grey Knights' article up on the website this morning.

Plenty of decent pics and info there.

I personally love the miniatures, although a little dubious on some of the Power Armoured heads. Looks like the old metal Terminators shold fit right in.

Well, can't wait to get my hands on the Codex and start refreshing my old lists. Been a long time coming, but maybe this is what will get me back into 40k gaming!

Incoming: Black Crusade!

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For those of you that are aware of the Dark Heresy series of RPG games, but have been a little disappointed to be only playing on behalf of the forces of the Imperium, you'll be glad to know that Fantasy Flight Games have now announced a new instalment...the Black Crusade!!


This now allows you to play on behalf of the ruinous powers (is that Ant i can hear cheering??). Things are gonna get interesting!