From the mists they came…

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So epic image and stuff anyone actually still playing this epic game anymore?

I hand in my dissertation on the 6th of April which precludes me from participating in the Highlander Tourney but I may drop in late to see how it goes and start working on something truly epic as 6th of April ushers in an era of slight free time in the age of oppression.


I have a lot of epic things under my bed so I decided to get back into a certain epic army that would go well with epic terrain things from other ranges...

Interest thoroughly peaked.



To Infinity and Beyond…

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Knowing full well that we have way too many game systems already...I have just finished reading the Infinity Game Rules and I must say...they seem fantastic. Especially in a "take-it-easy" Kill-Team way. So if you are interested in Infinity, read on...otherwise this is where I leave you.

My main question was for Dustin actually; would it be possible to get Infinity miniatures through Gifts for Geeks? I ask because I remember when I ordered that Soda Pop Mini you mentioned I could have gone through you for it...and I would definitely like to support the store.

The second question is to those that showed interest at Phat Cats (i.e. Spence and Ross), what factions do you two play/interest you? I am torn between Yu Jing and Haqqislam and a little bit of PanOceanic at the moment and if one of you had your eye on them already I could quickly rule one of them out. I had no idea there were like 8 factions...all with a good number of models and interesting models. Man, the new year will be packed with Kill-Team, Dystopian Wars, and hopefully Infinity, Malifaux, and who knows what else!

Christmas Cheer

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After playing what was arguably the best game of Kill Team I have played so far, I sadly must leave you for a while. I fly away today but will be with you over the Blog :D. Spence will hopefully put up the full Battle Report with all it's ludicrous twists and turns and hilarious Epic Fails. Needless to say, the new changes to the Daemons have made them a bit more sane to play against, even if I'm not sane while playing them 🙂

Also on a new front, Dystopian Wars looks amazing. Prussians will be slowly flying into your airspace in the near future. Thinking of painting schemes already 😀

A merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

Community Aid Required!

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Right, no suggestions have been here it is again. I am currently working on Race Specific Class Packages. These will be a bit more powerful than normal ones but will require a special action done in-game to unlock. Without further a-do here are the ones that I have thought of so far.
Feat of Strength: Most of the class packages below will require a “Feat of Strength.” A feat of strength is a specific in-game requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the model that you want to have the Experience Package. To make it simple for yourself, mark down which models have completed your race specific class package’s feat of strength if they have one.