Tau Empire – now with more added Greater Good

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As a Tau player since their release in 2001 I have enjoyed seeing their evolution, both as an Empire and as a playable force, and this release was a successful continuation for both.

To show off the new advances in Tau technology, here are some unboxing videos (my first time doing these - quite enjoyed, though plenty to learn I am sure.)

NB - both videos are currently undergoing stabilisation on Youtube so the shakes will be reduced in the near future

Sun Shark / Razor Shark dual flyer kit Unboxing

Riptide Battlesuit kit:

And here are some images of the kits built:

NB - the Riptide is missing his Shield Generator as I will be doing a slight alteration that requires it to be painted seperately

I will have them painted up shortly, of that I have no doubt! So watch out for that and my review of each FoC slot coming soon.

April 8, 2013 by Fenriryan

Golem Class Battle Frame

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After the roaring with laughter response to my Ogre class assault walker dreadnought conversion:

I have once again let myself loose on the Imperium's beloved tech to build something special for my slowing growing Space Wolf/Space Marine alliance.

This time around, I am working on a Contemptor stand in, based on the Dreadknight chassis, currently dubbed the Golem class Battle Frame.

The main design aim was for an enclosed cockpit, and a pose more akin to the Scouts I have used for my Power Armoured Space Marines. The weaponary is also more subtle than the standard Dreadknight gear.

Here are some pics to show where it is now (forgive the quality - mini photography still not my forte):

It will be armed with a Kheres Assault Cannon, Close Combat Arm with Heavy Flamer and Cyclone Missile Launcher - a good versatile load out I feel. The arms are done, I just need the Cyclone, but I have the parts for a dry fit of what I want to do.

Tyrants & Heroes – Tau Hazardous Environment Cadre

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Responding to disturbing reports of a recent Blood Ravens incursion in Tau space, Shas'O Shadow Nova and Hazardous Environment Cadre have been dispatched to investigate.

This army has been rebuilt, repainted and rethemed several times over the last 10 years - a real labour of love.

Most notable entries are:

  • The home made Barracudas, Remoras and Tetras

  • Using old metal XV15 Stealthsuits as Hazard Suited Firewarriors

  • Converted Pathfinder class Drones with a Harbinger class Devilfish (homage to DoW:DC)

  • The Cold One based Knarloc Rider conversions (built and donated by Jodi Knight)

  • My simple but favourite conversion - using flying bases for Shield Generator fields

  • My themed objective pieces - my HQ support atromech, Hammerhead Commander and Air Caste crew

  • Having the nerve to look at the FW Shas'O R'Myrs model and thinking he needed more guns if he was to be my army commander

Been a while since any the army saw combat so will be interesting to see what I can do with it against newer codexes.

Khador and Beastmen – Bases not Included

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

My two new armies continue.... Kinda slowly.

Having made the decision to use properly produced scenic resin bases and turn these into slow but well loved modelling projects as much as new gaming armies, I am now slightly neutered as the bases have yet to arrive, so I have many boxes of models, and thats about it.

But I thought I would share my masterplan in the meantime.