State of Play – Ogre Kingdoms: An Askew Review

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After something of a hiatus (read as sheer bone idleness for a month), State of Play returns with something unusual - a review thats not quite a review - read on dear readers, read on....

Funny thing these Games Workshop releases...

In 40K you know whats gonna happen - the inevitable Codex Creep that pushes older Codex further from the lime light (by older I mean anything more than 3 codex ago). And as a result, Count As is rife through the 41st Millenium - hell, Im jumping on that particular bandwagon myself by using the Space Wolves codex to run a close approxiamation of a Deathwatch Command (with the add of a sinulge house rule ripped from the original Chapter Approved - but thats for another article).

But in Fantasy, we dont really have these issues. Each army book that comes out is considered in its own way (generally to cries of 'OVER POWERED'  admittedly, at leat for the first few reads), and there is no mass outcry of Army Book Creep, or Count As Fodder - its releasesdd, it cools, we play it, what ever.

And yet here have come Ogre Kingdoms....

Today is not a review of it as an army, but a review of what this release has meant to Beastmen players like me across the Old World. (I did warn is as an Askew Review)


State of Play

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Good day all and welcome to the third instalment of State of Play.

And as promised, this week is a look at those talented teams who produce cool minis and parts alone – no game of their own (although often ‘compatible with popular 28mm scale wargames’)

We all love to personalise our armies, and sometimes the paint scheme alone doesn’t sate us. Every gamer has that moment, when they down the paint brush, look at the model in their hand and just think, ‘Umm… I really wish I could change…'

This thread is dedicated to helping those who have just reached that stage of hobby development find that part, and for those of us far beyond that stage to keep finding new and unusual bits for that spark of inspiration


State of Play – City Edition

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Lo all.

This little gem couldn't really wait till Saturday, so thought Id bring it to you now.

GW have released their 2010/2011 accounts. The forewards and commentary from the CEO at the start of the document are an interesting read which have caused the most discussion on blogs and sites across the blogshere and world wide webways. Bell of Lost Souls is as always a fine example.

For clarity and context, here are the reports from 2009 and 2010 so you can accurately compare and see the trends.

Bear in mond the timing of when this was actually collated - this is just as Fine Cast was released, and before the Embargo and the Price Rise (though you can see him verbally leading in to it).

Personally, I will be interested to compare this year's with nexts year's 2011/2012 accounts when any and all effects of Fine Cast, Embargo and Price Rise will apparent.