Blogs and Kill Team updates a plenty!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

The personal blogs are now go! Check Dustinos and Ross from drop menu of Roll Call.

Phase 2, personalising your personal blogs with a few images and some word things in a header is next on list to do.
Its is done! I have modified the template file to allow us to add a personalised banner, title and paragraph of our writing to your own blogs, so Phase 2 is complete!
If you want one set up, contact me on a Wednesday (im in from 6.30pm) at the store and I will take details and explain how easy it is to up keep.

As for Kill team - the original file has been broken down into parts - Core Rules (new version up - check it out) and Sceanrios, both of the new ones being available now from Rule Archive.

They will be joined shortly by two new files - Codex FAQ for covering all those army specific niggles, the start of which you may have seen in the core rules.

The firat draft of Codex FAQs is up - bare in mind is a start, so now pouting or ranting. Spot a loop hole or issue - tell us, we'll sort it. Also, check out the can of worms I have opened at the end of the document - should make an interesting talking point..)

The other element is something TOTALLY new - the Back Burner List. This is where we will stash ideas for future adding or culling as needed - this is where all your ideas will be stashed so we know we have them for trialing later.

Id like to thank you all for your enthusiasm for this - its much appreciated. For all the play testers and queries makers, I have added a much needed credits page at the end of Core Rules - you've earnt that much! (Some of you won't know why yet - Ross, ill catch you soon as I can... 😉 )

Will the Unpronouncable has also kindly agreed to assist with the sceanrios and in going throguh the codexes for the FAQ file. Nuff love for that.

Either comment the ideas on blog, use the G4G forums or you can e-mail bigger stuff at if you need.

Keep all comments, queries and ideas coming, for remember who's rule set this is....

Wolf Watcher 1

Coming Soon – Personal Blogs!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Lo all, your friendly neighbourhood techwolf with some updates on cool stuff you can now do.

I am currently hacking deep into the core of WordPress universe to figure out a template for turing sub pages into personal blogs for you all.

They way i see it, you would post your stuff on front page as normal (we now know which access level you need for this, though mods and admins must still approve everything first) but it would auto-collect in a seperate page for just your stuff together.

Hope to have cracked ready for roll out wednesday - keep watching folks!

Oh, and sign up with Gravatar to get your mini-picture to appear next to all your comments. Its free and easy to sort - just sign up with the same e-mail you used for here.

See you Wednesday!

Wolf Watcher 1