Tyrants – Step Forth and be Tested!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Kill Team - Tyrants Test start Wednesday 19th January - ITS ON FOOLS!

Bring down your chosen Kill Team for our first week of carnage.

Bring your completed lists and any background you have written for the Best Team Background bragging rights.

Ill start tracking your teams wins and loses from the first day - no dry run for hardened Kill Team veterans!

Most of all - have fun all - looking forward.

Pleasentries aside - my Iron Tyrants Legion List will own all! MWUHAHAHAHA!

PS - Spencer - can you bring in those 2 CC servitors for me.... Cheers!

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Collation of Cool Concepts

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My dodgy aliteration aside, here are some interesting tid bits for you all:

Tyrants Test - Occums Razor Edition:
Find below an updated rule set - this is not for the campaign starting this week, but a version I am fine tuning for later use and my own experience.
The first version of Tyrants Test ORE has been lain out to help further simplification and clarification of rules. feel free to get on board and offer suggestions.
Tyrants Test Occums Razor Edition

If you've not heard yet, Leicester Uni Sabres gaming group are running their first convention, Sabrecon, Sat Feb 5th, and I have volunteered my services to help out my former club in running a game.
The idea is, with the aid of Penfold & Dustino, we will run a Zombies in Space style game, hopefully using Dustino's zombie system he wrote last year for Halloween, a Space Hulk Board, Penfolds undead collection and my Necromunda gang... More details coming soon.

Massively Effected
In a desperate act of Fan Boyism, I have decreed the next game system I will write will be from scratch and not have stats, just skills. My setting - Mass Effect. using the Mass Effect 2 character classes and weapons as basis to b precise.
It will be a blend of Space Hulk, Warhammer Quest, Infinity and Mass Effect.
The basic ideas for how a combat turn will run are alreay in mind, just gotta write it and bulk it out in to something I can test out!
If anyone reckons they have what it takes to model up some 28mm Mass Effect 2 models, nows the time!

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A new dawn – 2011

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2010 has been an eventful year for us at Gifts for Geeks & Table Top Tyrant, there have been some ups and some downs but we face the New Year with a smile and some very big plans.

First and foremost, Table Top Tyrant was born and with it the birth of our own gaming and Tournament Team (The Tyrants). We got a brand new shop sign, brand new and very nice looking Carry Cases and last but not least a brand new member of staff.

As I joined in 2009, Kurt(al the Turtle) joined our team in the latter quarter of the year and has done a sterling job of falling down, insulting his Department Leader (Jack), his Manager (Myself) and the God Boss (Dustin) and in between running his mouth and visiting the floor he on occasion he has done some good work.

We hosted a National Tournament alongside the Phat Katz too much acclaim.

We Expanded our product lines with the full range of Warmachine and Hordes, Firestorm Armada, Uncharted Seas and Dystopian Wars!

We bit the bullet and brought Magic the Gathering into the hallowed Tyrant Halls.

And most importantly of all, we have fun doing it. I have had the pleasure of watching my fellow staff members, Tyrants and customers laugh and joke over the rolling of dice.

But it is not my purpose here now to look back but to look forward! Time marches onward and there is much work yet to be done, here is a few of the things you can look forward too over the next 12 months.

Kill Team –

Born in the fever dreams of our Tyrant Aspirant Jon, this game is a lunatic mix of Necromunda, Warhammer 40K and a RPG! Play testing was fun enough for me to construct a war band of full converted Night Lords and I am not the only one who has been swept up in it.

Will The Unpronounceable has converted not one but two awesome looking kill teams, a sinister Dark Eldar slaver party and a deliciously twist Daemons force with a possessed theme, keep your eyes peeled for these as I will be poking him to put them up as soon as he returns from the Fatherland.

Malefaux –

I first saw these beautiful miniatures at a trade show and since then we have had several of you request we attempt and get out hands on some, so I am glad to announce that as soon as I can find some wall space we will be adding at least the starter boxes to the hallowed shelves.

Infinity –

I am on the hunt for a supplier because these miniatures are just too beautiful not to stock!

Doomsday Machine –

Warmachine Apocalypse what’s not to love! With Troll Town happening at the end of January I already have the nascent plans for at least two more games, so keep your eye our for some information about – The Nightmare Isle and Bloody Sands….

Blood and Oil –

Three more 20 man tournament followed by Nationals 2011, sounds like a plan to me.

Project Genesis –

Ah now we have to keep some secrets don’t we.

So I am looking forward to a busy fun filled year and I hope you will all join me.

Happy New Year my friends!

Tyrants Test – Bragging Rights

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

In the New Year, we chosen few will be battling till only the last Tyrant remains standing as we duke it our in our own Kill Team game (has ANYONE tried the new scenarios - kinda important they get tested by the way)
Today I wanted you all to know what your battling for...


No mere trinket, bragging rights are for those who have been there, done that, seen and owned it all - all thats left is to let people KNOW you have!

The bragging rights which are up for grabs, which will be imortalised in your Blog Profile for ever, are:

1 x Grizzled Specialist - Best Performing Team
1 x Red Shirt – Worst Performing Team
1 x Sgts Favoured - Voted for by the rest of the Tyrants as most fun to play
3 x Tale of Heroes - Best 3 team background stories (try to keep to 1 A4 side max... Ross...)
3 x Tyrants Tattoo - Best 3 completely converted, painted and based teams

So go on - give your all!

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40k Kill Team Stats – Weapon Skill

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As the kill team playtest draws to a close and the rules are being prepared to be locked and finalised my mind keeps being drawn to what I have learnt.

Meltas are awesome; as long as you hit and wound on a 2+ they knock the target out of the game. With the out of action role it makes all models like mini Plague Marines ( It also makes plague marines like tanks!) and keeps the skirmish battle going. Nice rule!

The other thing I have noticed is that things that would barely influence a standard 40k game can be a game winner in kill team.

In standard 40K the "move, move, move!" order is nice, but not many people would fear an advancing guard unit. Yet, in kill team that move can be most of your army getting a free extra move. It has proven to be awesome for securing objectives, so much so that I'm sure my platoon cmdr has a price on his head!

The other thing that has really stood out is Weapon Skill. Any model with a high weapon skill dominates combat, with the special kill team combat engine.

(Basics - You roll a die for each attack, choose the highest and add your weapon skill. If you beat your opponents total you get to roll to wound the amount you won by. When defending if you win you block the enemies attack)

With this engine even a W.S. difference of 1 can give you control of the combat. In my first battle I found W.S. 3 could not even strike a W.S. 5 model in 3 rounds of combat!

The models to fear are Grey Knights and Jack's Chaplain and anything with a W.S. higher than your models. Which brings me to my W.S.  chart. I always try to compare stats to real life to make the game more realistic in my mind.Try to imagine someone from W.S.2 Fighting W.S. 4 with the definitions below (it would not last long)

So here is how I see Weapon Skill;

W.S. 1 = A 10 year old  child's fighting prowess

W.S. 2 = An average person's fighting ability (you, me, someone off the street), a Guard Conscript, a front line Tau soldier

W.S. 3 = A hardened modern day soldier who has been trained to fight hand to hand or a Guard regular.

W.S. 4 - Now we're starting to get scary - Modern day special forces or people such as Liam Neeson in taken, Jason Bourne, the latest Bond, a standard Space Marine or a typical run of the mill Ork Boy.

Liam Neeson shortly before he reveals he may know a little about torture

Although I imagine a marine, ork or Liam Neeson would not have the same fighting style. But the main point is they would all easily own man off the street (W.S. 2)!

W.S. 5 - S**t that man/thing just owned Liam Neeson in Taken.

I like to imagine W.S. 5 is like a modern day fighting master (like the white bearded guy in Kill Bill - "you are like a worm trying to fight an eagle!" - He said to the experienced assassin who had mastered 3 martial arts)

W.S. 5 is the edge a humanities ability, only a few humans would ever be that good. For example, in a standard Guard list no model has W.S. 5, only named characters can get that high.

W.S. 5 is the realm of elite Marines, enhanced assassins, and combat daemons such as bloodletters. Weapon skill 5 means us conscripts are dead (Apologies if you happen to be reading this and you are a  fighting master, for I have assumed all the readers will be W.S. 2 conscript level)

W.S. 6 and above - I would say pushing beyond a conscripts or regular soldier's comprehension.

Try to imagine a genetically altered and improved human fighting machine that has fought for 100s of years and won. This is the realm of the eldar lords and the Heralds of Khorne, it's beyond humanty. It's the stuff of fantasy.

However, there is one model in the 40k kill team world that has W.S. 6 and it is not few in number, the Genestealer! There I said it, the word that all the Tyrants fear.

Our game has been working well and the battles have been balanced, except for the one list, the one list that rules them all! One broodlord and 14 stealers.

This subject was broached in an earlier post "The Tyranid Question" and the Tyrants decided it was best to throw the Tyranid Codex into the nearest cupboard and disappear anyone who mentions taking nids in kill team

Argh Stealer ate my face!

3 (on the charge) W.S. 6 strength 4 rending attacks is horrible. The nid army easily destroyed a marine army by turn 3 and that was before Lee remembered they could also infiltrate.

Which brings me nicely back to the start. In normal 40k Genestealers are good, but not great. They are not troops so immediately they suffer, they can only kill one unit at a time, they lack power weapons, and there is so much firepower the enemy commander usually sends a blast template or two and they are down and out.  But, in kill team they can act independently lock up enemy models in combat and hold them their until their W.S. 6 prevails. Armour and toughness will only keep you alive so long.

I still like the thought of the combat ability of the stealers, they are pure animal cunning, they are the bad guys from that famous movie series Alien. The mighty fighting master or Grey Knight may get lucky against the stealer but, if they get near you or me my fellow conscripts we are dead!

So until a solution is found to the Tyranid Question then back to the cupboard you go nids! Let us never speak of them again!

Kill Team setting – For your review.

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The sirens had been howling for more than a standard hour, it was not unusual for an environmental alarm to be triggered by accident and many of the Priests aboard the Enloginca had attributed these incidents to the Machine Spirits inhabiting the atmospheric augurs having a cautious nature, other more pragmatic adepts knew the station was slowly falling apart and would soon become useless unless Magos Hesarin allocated precious resources to the repairs.


Community Aid Required!

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Right, no suggestions have been forthcoming...so here it is again. I am currently working on Race Specific Class Packages. These will be a bit more powerful than normal ones but will require a special action done in-game to unlock. Without further a-do here are the ones that I have thought of so far.
Feat of Strength: Most of the class packages below will require a “Feat of Strength.” A feat of strength is a specific in-game requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the model that you want to have the Experience Package. To make it simple for yourself, mark down which models have completed your race specific class package’s feat of strength if they have one.