Blood Reaver – Review

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‘Soul Hunter’ Someone called. His brothers voice, making the name somewhere between a joke and a title of respect. The warrior replaced his helm. One eye lens flickered live, bathing the vista in the killing-red of his targeting vision. The other showed angry grey static and the distracting after-images of visual input lag. It still echoed with a grainy and colourless view of the setting sun a few moments after he’d turned away from it.

‘What’ The warrior asked.

‘The Angel is breaking’

The warrior smiled as he drew the gladius sheathed at his shin. Fading sunlight flashed off the blades edge as steel met cold air.



Aaron Dembski-Bowden has unleashed the Night Lords once more and if it is possible to improve upon the mind blowing Soul Hunter he has done so. But not only has he been able to unleash all the terrors of the first instalment, Mr Dembski-Bowden has upped the ante and allowed the Night Lords do what they do best!

The feeling of Talos' despair at the state of his legion is expanded upon leading to several dark and twisted acts of necessity (well what a member of the 8th Legion would view as necessity), but just as this interesting concept is expanded on so are the characters of the Exalted and the other members of First Claw.

For those of you that read the short story released in Fear the Alien will not be disappointed in discovering how the plot line defying events come about.

Mr Dembski-Bowden has not only improved upon his first Night Lords offering but also turned the ember of love for the 8th Legion within my Chaos corrupted soul into a blazing inferno, there is not a chapter without a quote, scene or description of brutality that fails to worm its way into your memory filed away under - super cool.

Those of you that haven't read Soul Hunter do so and then follow it with Blood Reaver, the roots of an epic and devastatingly awesome series of books have been well and truly laid down in these two books, all that remains is for a third, fourth and fifth book to be penned and who knows maybe he will unleash the 8th in mindnight clad against the back drop of the Great Heresy.

All in all this book receives five out of five Stars of Chaos!

Kill Team setting – For your review.

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The sirens had been howling for more than a standard hour, it was not unusual for an environmental alarm to be triggered by accident and many of the Priests aboard the Enloginca had attributed these incidents to the Machine Spirits inhabiting the atmospheric augurs having a cautious nature, other more pragmatic adepts knew the station was slowly falling apart and would soon become useless unless Magos Hesarin allocated precious resources to the repairs.


The Long War

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After speaking with Jon and Will I discovered I had some spare points in the my list, mostly due to the face that the Marks of Chaos were cheaper than the price I had listed them (and as a bonus the Mark of Chaos Glory was free!).

So I went back to my list and made a few amendments and additions, the core of my list is still the same but I've now managed to include a Sorcerer (mostly for story line evil) with Doom Bolt and a Havoc armed with Auto-Cannon to crack those pesky Armour 10 sentinels and shred the masses!

I have also completed the dry run phase for two of my Kill Team, the Terminator (Lord) is looking all the shades of bad ass, my Raptor is also just about finished and should be getting primed along with my Terminator and his uber base soon enough.

Photos to follow!

[Also the banner war continues!]

Kill Team Incoming! – Sons of Nostramo

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The bay was silent, if such a thing was possible on a warship of the Astartes. Even at rest a constant thrum of the active Plasma core vibrated through the steel bones of the vessel, the muffled sounds of crew ratings and hybrid servitors going about their daily rites of maintenance and the rumble of the ships soul, the Machine Spirit all came together to form the near unperceivable chorus of sound that passed as ship board silence.

As warships went the Whisper of Hate was not a large ship, in tonnage she matched a Gladius class rapid response strike vessel but in armament the black clad ship approached the firepower of a fully fledged Light Cruiser, her armoured flanks studded with gun batteries chased in dark brass swept forward towards a hammer like prow that housed the cavernous flight bay in which the group stood.

‘We should attack enforce, our way is not one of infiltration that is the realm of Corax’s pale whelps’ the speaker was a giant amongst the shadows, his form was augmented with a ancient suit of Terminator war plate. Adorned with dark midnight blue ceramite scored with lines of phosphor white lightening motifs his form almost seemed to blend with the shadows cast by the near by Thunderhawks and Stormbirds, the only source of light emanating from the speaker was two slits of blood red light spilling from his warhelms eye lenses and then reflected once again from the polished talons of his lightening claws.

‘Would you prefer we fall screaming from the stars with naught but destruction lain out before us? Sometimes I fear during the great war we may have inducted a son of Angron by mistake’ the second speaker was smaller although only by measure of his Power Armour, his livery matched in hue and pattern but where his Brother bore his claws unsheathed (by virtue of pattern the lightening could not be sheathed a fact the others often made jest of) he wore an ornate combi-melta mag clamped to his thigh and a wide bladed sword across his back. The giant Terminator growled his displeasure at his Brothers comment but made no response.

‘Our Brothers will follow where we lead the way, this world will not fall easily but the seeds of terror we sow will grow in the darkness until all we need do is push the teetering masses over the edge. That is our way, our Fathers way before us’ of the six warriors two stood slightly apart and it was one of these warriors that spoke now, his voice was strained and thick with the accent of their lost home wold.

‘Kargathal is right’ agreed another of the circle, his own armour swimming in shadow but unlike the hulking Terminator and his Power Armour clad brothers at his back and rising above his armoured gorget  sat a powerful jump pack, mag locked to his belt hung his pistol and blade both crafted by his own hand.

‘We descend then’ urged the second removed warrior, his voice even filtered through a vox grill seemed to overlap its self and echo with multiple tones and inclinations.

The hulking Terminator moved the shadows lingering reluctant to release him from their grasp, his bloody eyes took in his gathered Brothers and with a single nod he turned to stalk his way into the waiting belly of the nearest Thunderhawk Gunship. Despite his size and the armours considerable weight the movement was near silent, the others fell into step and boarded the transport in silence.

‘We descend’ agreed Brother Xoal as he settled his Tactical Dreadnought Armour into the grav Thrones cradle, a series of pneumatic clicks sounded before he finished speaking.

‘We Descend, In Midnight Clad’


Well, I have my list ready to rock and over the next month or so I will be building and painting my Warband (along side my Legion for the doubles in Jan) so expect lots of updates and photos from me over the coming weeks.