Alastair Rees Inspects The MTG Magic Card Market #1

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Price Recap

Lets talk Fetches:

Zendikar fetches are trending on a downward slope, with both Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest dropping to £35 each, along with Verdant Catacombs and Arid Mesa down at £24. Arid mesa brings up the rear at a mere £18.

The Khans fetches are also on a dipping trend but the changes aren't quite as noticeable. The blue lands being hit the hardest with Polluted Delta now at £14.99 and Flooded Strand at £13.49; a fair way from their £20 and £18 débuts. Wooded Foothills and Windswept Heath have both ever so slightly nudged down to £11.49. To drop it all off Bloodstained Mire hits £10.49.

khans tarkir lands

As far as the shinys are concerned both Foothills and Heath stayed level at £37.50, and Bloodstained Mire dropped down to £30 for a foil copy. However the rich get richer with both Foil Delta and Foil Strand going up to £59.99 and 49.99 respectively.

Fall Out PTKoT:

After the price hike due to Pro Tour performances last weekend (won by Ari Lax with Abzan Midrange) things have started to settle down again. From the winning deck itself Siege Rhino, Wingmate Roc, Sorin Solemn Visitor have levelled back out now. The Big Rhino settling at £6.99, Wingmate at £13.99, and Sorin solemnly sitting at £19.99

The Dimir control decks played successfully by the likes of Ivan Floch, Stanislav Cifca and Andrew Cuneo featured Pearl Lake Ancient, Prognostic Sphinx, Perilous Vault and Dig Through Time. Vault and Dig seem to be the best control cards in the format for the time being, with Vault coming in at £6.99 and Dig at £11.99 holding their price. Prog Sphinx, which has been sat as a £1 rare for a long time is creeping up a little weighing in at £1.99 for the meanwhile with a reasonable chance to go up if it keeps seeing success. Lastly Pearl Lake Ancient has fallen from favour back down to £3.49

Other Movers and Shakers

A few other notable cards have shifted. Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker himself is down to £26.99, Jeskai Ascendancy after all the hype its got in modern and its Top 8 finish in standard at thePro Tour is down at £4.49. Anafenza, after being featured in successful Abzhan aggro decks has settled at £7.99 for the time being. It is not a great week for some of the other Kahns though; Sidisi down at £5.99, and Surrak Dragonclaw at £3.99.

Lastly, after seeing some success over the opening few weeks and being used by a few high profile players at the Pro Tour (not to any spectacular finishes) the green devotion crew are also on the long list of cards to be hit this week. Rattcleclaw Mystic is now at £4.49 after spiking up to £7, and Hooded Hydra has dipped down to £3.49. See the Unwritten the only winner here rising up to £4.49.


Goblin Rabblemaster seems to slowly be falling out of favour; several teams choosing not to play it in their Jeskai decks. I would not be suprised to see this guy stumble a bit from his hefty £17.99 price tag.

That's about it for this week and its not a lot to brag about with drops all across the board. Not a great week for the standard stock market, maybe we'll get some shake ups this weekend. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and I'll see you next week.


Alastair -

Rees is a magic expert, but sadly also a magiciser; he can never commit to one deck. Maybe one day he will settle down.

Chapter Approved – Dettol

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It worked, both on metal and plastic. Stripped a chaos fighter and epic rhino easily. I left them in Dettol over night. Most the paint fell off, I then brushed the rest off with an old toothbrush.


stripping models with dettol
stripping models with dettol

The plastic rhino was completely undamaged by the process.

Greisel’s Legion – 3000 Point Epic Chaos Marine Army

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Greisel's Legion, thanks to Will and Spin, is back out the box and my 3k list is ready to roll.

Really looking forward to some epic games. If anybody fancies an intro-game please give me a nudge. Epic is fun and easy to play, while being tactical.

Griesel's Legion

6 Terminators 390
Champion 50
Daemon Prince 50
Daemonic Pact 25
Icon Bearer 50

8 Chaos Marines 275
4 Havocs 150
2 Obliterators 150
Icon 50
Daemonic Pact 25
8 Chaos Marines 275
6 Rhinos 60
4 Plague Marines 150
Feral Titan 300
3 Swift Death Interceptors 200
6 Land Raiders 450
Summoned Daemons
Great Unclean One 100
12 Lesser Daemons 240

The bikers in the first picture were dropped as I forgot to include daemons.


New Grey Knights Battle Report (Vs Chaos Space Marines)

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Tonight at Tabletop Tyrant (Gifts For Geeks' Retail Store) the New Grey Knight Codex will be in action.We will be playing a standard 1500 point game from the 40k codex.

Here is my Chaos list being led by Chaos Lord Amun The Red.

Amun The Red

Choas Lord 100
Bike (Disc) 30
Mark of Tzeentch 15
Melta Bombs 5
Daemon Weapon 40

5 Terminators 150
Mark of Tzeentch 35
2 x Powerfist 20
1 x Chainfist 15
2 x Combi Melta 10
1 x Champion 10

9 Thousand Sons 207
Aspiring Sorcerer 60
Doombolt 10
Meltabombs 5
Rhino 35
Icon 5

3 Bikers (Discs) 99
Mark of Tzeentch 40

Predator 70
Twin Lascannon 35
Heavy Bolters 30
Havoc Launcher 15

Oblitorator 75

10 Chaos Space Marines 150
2 x Meltas 20
Champion 15
Powerfist 25
Rhino 35
Icon 5


10 Summoned Daemons 130

Total 1496 Points

Will upload Spin's List and the battle report later on! I have not used a daemon weapon before so this should be fun or painful for me!

Amun's Forces Gather
Amun's Forces Gather


Spin just told me he has written 2 0r 3 lists for tonight. Waiting to see which one he chooses.

Spin went for the following list;

Grey Knights

HQ Individual Cost Total Points / Unit

Grey Knight Grand Master- 240
Terminator Armour -
Storm Bolter -
Nemesis Force Sword -
Frag, Krak & Psyk-out Grenades -
Iron Halo -
Orbital Strike Relay
3 x Servo Skulls


Vindicare Assassin  145
Exitus Weapons -
Synskin -
Frag & Blind Grenades

Techmarine  149
Artificer Armour -
Power Weapon, Servo Harness -
Frag, Krak & Psyk-out Grenades -
Storm Bolter
Orbital Strike Relay
2 x Servo Skulls


Grey Knight Terminator Squad 1 x Justicar Nemesis Force Sword & Storm Bolter
3 x Grey Knights Nemesis Force Sword & Storm Bolter -
1 x Grey Knight Nemesis Force Sword & Psycannon – 225

Grey Knight Terminator Squad 1 x Justicar Nemesis Force Sword & Storm Bolter - 225
3 x Grey Knights Nemesis Force Sword & Storm Bolter -
1 x Grey Knight Nemesis Force Sword & Psycannon

Grey Knights Interceptor Squad 1 x Justicar Storm Bolter & Nemesis Force Sword - 280
4 x Grey Knights Storm Bolter & Nemesis Force Sword -
3 x Grey Knights Storm Bolter & Nemesis Force Sword
2 x Grey Knight Psycannon

Heavy Support

Dreadknight  235
Heavy Incinerator
Personal Teleporter
Total 1499


The mission was capture and control with 4 objectives and the deployment; spearhead. If you click on the picture below it will highlight the objectives.

The Armies Deploy
The Armies Deploy


Before the game began Spin used his Grand master rules to make the Dread Knight and the Interceptor Squad count as troops. His Techmarine fortified the main building in his deployment zone.

I won the roll off and deployed my thousand sons in the first story of the Shrine of the Aquilla and the Obliterator on the third floor. The rest of my army hid behind the Shrines.

From the Shadows we will strike!
From the Shadows we will strike!

Spin deployed a unit of Terminators as close as possible to the centre objective. The Dread Knight, Tech-marine and Interceptors holed up in the fortified building in the centre of his deployment. His chapter master and other terminator squad moved behind the building on his left and the Vindicare Assassin infiltrated into the tower in his centre. He also deployed servo skulls (being represented by guardsmen) across the board.

Turn 1

Spin stole the initiative. His Dread Knight and interceptors jumped towards the centre tower, his terminator units advance to the objectives and the Grand Master stood still behind the building on the left.

The Vindicare shot the Obliterator, but his invulnerable saved him. Then something I had not expected, the Grand Master and Techmarine brought down 4 large blast templates killing a thousand son and two bikers. The lord's unit passed their leadership test.

In my turn one my rhino (with Marines) Lord and biker, advanced down the right flank to go and secure the objective on the Grey Knights far left. My empty rhino sped towards the centre objective. My Terminators moved into the centre of the shrine. Lastly the 1000 sons spread out along the shrine to help them against the orbital bombardments.


In my shooting phase the Predator downed 2 Terminators and the Obliterator snipered another with his Lascannon. The two thousand sons that were in range shot the Vindicare, but the cover saved him.


Turn 2

The Dreadknight advanced towards the shrine and the Interceptors jumped towards the objective on the far right.

The Closest Grey Knight Terminators used their psycannons to stun the empty Rhino. The Dread Knight's incinerator killed two thousand sons.  The techmarine's barrage scattered wildly, but the Grand Master's hit home killing all the remaining thousand sons except for the Icon Bearer. The Vindicare did two wounds on the Obliterator and killed it.

Cleansing Fire From the Dreadknight
Cleansing Fire From the Dreadknight

The other unit of Terminators ran towards the objective on the far right.  The Interceptors opened up on the Rhino full of Marines on the right. The Rhino exploded and 5 Marines died! The remaining marines then fled past their lord! I have never seen so many marines die in a exploding Rhino!

Chaos turn 2 saw the arrival of the 10 summoned daemons using the icon on the right and the fleeing marines rallied. The last surviving biker and chaos lord split from each other and advanced towards the far left objective and Interceptors.The last thousand son scaled the shrine to secure the objective.

With the closest unit of terminators hiding from view the Predator had to move forward to find a better target. The terminators continued to advance through the shrine then shot at the Dreadknight taking one wound off it with their bolters. The predator took another wound off it with it's Lascannon.

The Choas Lord fired his daemon weapon, 3 shots came out and one Interceptor fell.


Turn 3

The techmarine elected to move to have a better shot next turn, but tripped (he rolled a triple 1).

The Dreadknight moved towards the Thousand Son Terminators. The Closest terminators shot at the rhino again, but they could not pierce it's armour. The Interceptors shot all weapons at the lord taking one wound off him. The Grand Master brought templates down the lord, but his armour saved him. Two daemons fell from the barrage.

The Vindicare shot at the rhino, but missed!

The Dreadknight charged the Terminators and killed one with a Power Weapon. The power weapon terminators found the knight too tough to wound, but then the 3 terminators with power fists  stepped up and caused four wounds. The mighty Knight fell under the crushing blows.

To the Death!
To the Death!

In the chaos turn the rhino advanced towards the two remaining terminators holding the centre objective.  The lord and remaining biker advanced on the interceptors, opening fire, one more fell.

The Chaos Marines advanced into the shrine and the daemons ran towards the far left objective.

The Chaos Rhino opened fire on the terminators with it's twin linked bolter and killed both of them!

"The Emperor Pro.... Argh"
"The Emperor Pro.... Argh"

The Predator opened up on the other Terminator unit, but the Rhino had taken all the luck this turn and it failed to kill anything.

The Chaos Lord and biker then charged the Interceptors. Amun The Red's daemon spear roared to life and it gifted him a mighty 6 extra attacks. With 10 attacks on the charge Amun heroically killed one interceptor.  The biker failed to kill to hit the Knights. The Knights retaliated wounding Amun and killing the biker. They then dragged down the fearless Amun killing him through combat resolution.

Turn 4

The surviving Grey Knight Terminators moved to where their comrades fell and spread out successfully claiming two  objectives. The interceptors jumped nearer the daemons on the far left, but further away from the thousand sons terminators. The Vindicare killed a Terminator with Power Weapon.  Lastly the barrages from the Grand Master missed all targets and the Techmarine lanced the Rhino's twin linked bolter off.

The Terminators Spread Out
The Terminators Spread Out

The interceptors shot daemons killing 4 then charged in killing two. The Daemons then struck back killing two, making the combat a draw.

In the chaos turn the Terminators advanced towards the interceptors and the chaos marines ran behind the wall of terminators.

The Predator fluffed all it's shots and the Grey Knights killed off the final 2 daemons.


Turn 5

Spin realised the existence of the last 1000 son taking an objective and shot at him with the vindicare. The last son dived for cover and survived. He then lanced the rhino contesting the centre objective, but his terminators were in the way and granted it a 4+ cover save, which saved it. The terminators then fired on the rhino, but failed to scratch it.

The Grand Master then called in an orbital bombardment on the last son and blew him up.

The interceptors shot the Chaos Terminators killing one and charged in and killed another. The surviving Terminator killed an interceptor making the combat a draw.


In the chaos turn the rhino moved up to the shrine to contest it and hide from the terminators. The predator shot the Terminators killing one. The 5 Chaos Marines charged into the Interceptor vs Terminator brawl. With their help the Terminator wiped out the Grey Knights. The Surviving chaos consolidated onto the objective.

Position Secure
Position Secure

Turns 6 & 7

Spin rolled for the full 7 turns, but with only 6 models left on each side not a great deal happened.

Lance shots and Sniper shots failed to kill contesting rhino. The Predator kept raining down fire on the terminators killing one. They then moved out of sight in the last turn. The Grand Master kept bringing down barrages on the Chaos Marines, but they kept scattering and only one marine fell.

The game finished with the Chaos Marines wounding the Vindicare and a saving Private Ryan moment. The Predator advanced down the road and aimed it's cannon an the Vindicare, hit and wounded it, but the cover saved him.

The Result

3 Grey Knight Terminators held one objective on the chaos far left and four Chaos Marines held the objective on the far right. The two centre objectives were devoid of life, except for one battered rhino so it ended a draw!

"Next time chaos scum!"
"Next time chaos scum!"


What do you think? Opinions please!




Tyrant Me Up Please!

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After starting them at Blood and Oil last weekend I finally got them finished.

Stormfall Archers
Vyros Inspects His New Stormfall Archers

Now with a complete Warmachine unit painted and based can I please be promoted to full Tyrant Status?

The last few months I have not been enjoying painting, and it has shown with a total of zero models completely painted, until now! The warmachine bug bit me  in the weeks coming up to blood and oil and I got an urge to paint the archers and enjoyed it!

White is still a bugger to paint, but I found a few good articles on painting white, so I may paint try them out on a heavy jack next.

The trick for me was ignoring the white issue and focusing on the easy parts such as the metals and trying something new on the camo cloth. This week I have a 40k game vs the new Grey Knights. Next week the aim is to have a warmachine 50 pointer, and try these new bad boys out!

Blood and Oil – March Mayhem!

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Blood And Oil,  March Mayhem his kicked off!

It's our first Tournament since the Nationals (50 man yearly tournament) and it's a good one! We have a full house of 16 players, luckily for us 4 players dropped out including the current champion Sonny otherwise we would have really been struggling for space.

Next time we will have 2 extra tables built just in case more people turn up.

For those people interested Blood And Oil is our quarterly Warmachine and Hordes Steamroller tournament. This month's event is a 50 point one as lots of people are gearing up for the Masters (Where Gifts For Geeks will have a stall) and the Student Masters.

Blood and Oil Begins
Blood and Oil Begins


Blood and Oil Begins Part 2

6 minutes left of round 1 so far. Steff caster killed Horney in the battle of the champions. Dancing through Horney's lines with the Kayazy assassins to stab Kreos in the back.

Darrell's Karver charged Aspyhixious, leaving him on one wound.

More updates coming!


Blood and Oil – March

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Just in case an odd number turns up this Sunday. Dawnlord has mustered his troops;

Dawnlord Vyros + 6 W.J. Points

Hydra  - 9

Phoenix - 10

Archanist - 1

Archanist - 1

4 Stormfall Archers - 5

Scyir - 2

Griffon -4 (Marshalled by Scyir)








12 Invictors including officer and Standard - 12

12 Sentinels including officer and Standard - 11

Souless Escort - 1 (attached to sentinels)

Total - 56 Points

Looking forward to battling for the spoon! Not played in 6 months and was not very good when I did play. Bring it on!

Blood Angels Second Wave Confirmed

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Storm Raven and Librarian Dreadnought on the way!

White Dwarf 373 Has confirmed the Blood Angels Second Wave is the next 40k Release. The Blood Angels second wave will undoubtedly contain the Storm Raven which was leaked on the web before Christmas (see picture below). Other than a Furioso /Librarian Dreadnought and The Storm Raven I am not sure what else the second wave will contain other than maybe a few new blisters. Not the largest release wave, but I'm sure Blood Angels Fans will be happy!

Is it just me or does the Storm Raven look straight out of a 1980s Platformer? Although it does look like a Marine designed it!