Community Aid Required!

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Right, no suggestions have been here it is again. I am currently working on Race Specific Class Packages. These will be a bit more powerful than normal ones but will require a special action done in-game to unlock. Without further a-do here are the ones that I have thought of so far.
Feat of Strength: Most of the class packages below will require a “Feat of Strength.” A feat of strength is a specific in-game requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the model that you want to have the Experience Package. To make it simple for yourself, mark down which models have completed your race specific class package’s feat of strength if they have one.


Three ways to kill a Tyrant

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Since our resident wolf posted up his Killteams I thought I would post mine too. I'm only half as crazy as he is though:

The Lost Wolves of Russ, Space Wolves

The Abducted Troupe, Dark Eldar

The Dark Union, Chaos Daemons (Omg, three, I am going to kill myself)

PS: Although you most likely have noticed the banner, I got tired of Jon being the only one with regular images for his war has begun!

PPS: Race Specific Class Packages are coming so soon. If you have suggestions for your race or something you would love to see post it in the doobly doo below.

The tale of the Serpent and the Wolf (Part 1)

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Hey all,
I have got my first few minis built for kill team. One of the most important is the Space Wolves leader. A Wolf Guard with Terminator Armour and a Frost Blade.

Some Dark Eldar Wyches are also built, though I have used the special weapons models. I may change that to WYSIWYG depending how things go. We need more posts! Go go go! 😀