Companion Skirmish Figure Case – Now Live on Kickstarter

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The Companion figure case is now live on Kickstarter








Below is a video we made about the foam tray making process and our finalised rewards and stretch goals.


Project Stretch Goals

In addition to the original four tray types, we have designs for another 20 trays that will not only fit into the Companion Case, but all of our other cases as well.

For every £1000 raised over the initial £1000 we will add another tray design to your available foam until all of our designs are commissioned.

tray list


A new dawn – 2011

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2010 has been an eventful year for us at Gifts for Geeks & Table Top Tyrant, there have been some ups and some downs but we face the New Year with a smile and some very big plans.

First and foremost, Table Top Tyrant was born and with it the birth of our own gaming and Tournament Team (The Tyrants). We got a brand new shop sign, brand new and very nice looking Carry Cases and last but not least a brand new member of staff.

As I joined in 2009, Kurt(al the Turtle) joined our team in the latter quarter of the year and has done a sterling job of falling down, insulting his Department Leader (Jack), his Manager (Myself) and the God Boss (Dustin) and in between running his mouth and visiting the floor he on occasion he has done some good work.

We hosted a National Tournament alongside the Phat Katz too much acclaim.

We Expanded our product lines with the full range of Warmachine and Hordes, Firestorm Armada, Uncharted Seas and Dystopian Wars!

We bit the bullet and brought Magic the Gathering into the hallowed Tyrant Halls.

And most importantly of all, we have fun doing it. I have had the pleasure of watching my fellow staff members, Tyrants and customers laugh and joke over the rolling of dice.

But it is not my purpose here now to look back but to look forward! Time marches onward and there is much work yet to be done, here is a few of the things you can look forward too over the next 12 months.

Kill Team –

Born in the fever dreams of our Tyrant Aspirant Jon, this game is a lunatic mix of Necromunda, Warhammer 40K and a RPG! Play testing was fun enough for me to construct a war band of full converted Night Lords and I am not the only one who has been swept up in it.

Will The Unpronounceable has converted not one but two awesome looking kill teams, a sinister Dark Eldar slaver party and a deliciously twist Daemons force with a possessed theme, keep your eyes peeled for these as I will be poking him to put them up as soon as he returns from the Fatherland.

Malefaux –

I first saw these beautiful miniatures at a trade show and since then we have had several of you request we attempt and get out hands on some, so I am glad to announce that as soon as I can find some wall space we will be adding at least the starter boxes to the hallowed shelves.

Infinity –

I am on the hunt for a supplier because these miniatures are just too beautiful not to stock!

Doomsday Machine –

Warmachine Apocalypse what’s not to love! With Troll Town happening at the end of January I already have the nascent plans for at least two more games, so keep your eye our for some information about – The Nightmare Isle and Bloody Sands….

Blood and Oil –

Three more 20 man tournament followed by Nationals 2011, sounds like a plan to me.

Project Genesis –

Ah now we have to keep some secrets don’t we.

So I am looking forward to a busy fun filled year and I hope you will all join me.

Happy New Year my friends!

Tyrants Invade Games Expo & No Quarter

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Earlier in 2010 the Tyrants invaded Games Expo in Birmingham where the Warmachine/Hordes UK Masters events are held. Congratulations to Chris Horn, who was the highest ranking Tyrant, finishing 33rd out of 64. And congratulations to Ant who was most sporting and even got a mention in no Quarter 32!

In the No Quarter article you should also be able to spot Danny and Tyrant Overlord Stef.

The Masters 2011 will be a 100 man tournament. The Tyrants will be attending and hopefully competing for the top spots!

End time is upon us!

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As the snow fell last night I was not surprised, as I new it was only the beginning of end time. I was only surprised there was not more.

The prophesy had been fulfilled, Lee had painted a unit and end time is upon  us!

End Time!Say goodbye to all you love people, the destroyer's herald has sent us a message!

Soon the earth's gravity will fail, while dogs and cats put aside there differences!

Evil superman will straighten the leaning tower of pisa!

Special K will taste like food!

Aliens will arrive and laser us!

Meteors will strike!

A fully self aware AI will decide humans are best dead!

The dead will walk and they will be hungry!

Dr Evil will kill Austin Powers!

Birds will decide humans are better off dead!

The Mole men,  Crab People and fish people will rise against us!

New Titles For The Gang

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The last two weeks has seen two tournaments come and go, including the Blood and Oil Nationals. Some of the gang have earnt some new honours;

Stefan Ashwell – Titles include: Tyrant Overlord (Our Leader), Press Ganger, Tyrant Champion, Minipainter & Leicester GamesCon Champion.

Jack Shenton - Titles Include: Jake Shento, Wooden Spoon, Blood And Oil 3rd Place Finish & GamesCon 2nd place finish.

Sonny - Titles Include: Top table final game defeat at Blood and Oil & Blood and Oil Nationals Champion 2010

Kurtis Emery – Titles Include: The only draw at the Warmachine Hordes UK Nationals, bad dice rolling & Spongey McNearFields (The Ragemaster General)

Ross Knill-Macarthur (Newly Promoted to full tyrant) – Titles Include: Anybody want a Legion army?