Warhammer Fantasy: Storm (of Magic) in a Teacup

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I like Warhammer Fantasy - Id even go so far as to say I enjoy most games.

Yes, 40K, Warmachine & Hordes (and likely Monopoly) players out number us many to one, but hey, I love Beastmen, which are fairly unique to GW, so I stand by it.

But it is a pricey obsession - I totted up what I have spent in the last 3 months building a brand new Beastmen army from scratch - about 2500 points worth plus sundries... OUCH!

As such, the idea of going for a Apocalypse Storm of Magic scale army makes parts of my wallet and painting hand that I didnt know exist hurt.

Then a bolt of lightning hit me.... My fault for having a golf umbrella up in a storm really, but the recuperation period lead me to consider using 15mm models for Fantasy.

Use the same rules as Fantasy, with all distances modified accordingly, but scale up the battles on the cheap. Imagine the battles you could have in that scenario - the wealth of possible monsters at your command if in the same relative space and time frame of a normal WHFB 2K game you could play out a 4K game with mini models.

Its a bonkers idea, sure, but I would love to do it - it woudl be so much easier to dabble in other armies if it onyl took £100 for a 2k army over £500.

So I invite you all to consider the option and feedback - would you be up for it - if so, which army?

Do you know of particularly good 15mm mini ranges worth looking into?

Have you yourself done something this daft and have advise to pass on?

Any all I implore you - join the Storm (of Magic) in a Teacup!

MTG gets Stacked & the Deathwatch are Reborn

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Im basically back to fighting fit, but for safe side I have ensconsed myself at my PC rather than strained myself (other than cleaning out several pet cages, hoovering, wahsing up, storing stuff up attic... Oh the relaxation) and have writen my 2nd blog-bite about Magic The Gathering, looking at the Stack. Find it on Wolf's Eye View now.

Also, I have uploaded my first version of a Deathwtach codex Im working on. Heavily modified from 5th Ed Movies Marines to be more Codexesque in stats but with some fun new additions, tricks and weapon power ups to befit, it is a WIP that I hope to have ready for a play test by end of April.
Im working through the weapons, then vehsicles, then special rles before I properly work on the points costs, but I am aiming for 1 HQ, 2-3 Troops, 1-3 Elites or Heavy Support at 2000pts - you'll see what that actually gets you when you read it, d/l it from this link or the Home Grown Rules page.

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Collation of Cool Concepts

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

My dodgy aliteration aside, here are some interesting tid bits for you all:

Tyrants Test - Occums Razor Edition:
Find below an updated rule set - this is not for the campaign starting this week, but a version I am fine tuning for later use and my own experience.
The first version of Tyrants Test ORE has been lain out to help further simplification and clarification of rules. feel free to get on board and offer suggestions.
Tyrants Test Occums Razor Edition

If you've not heard yet, Leicester Uni Sabres gaming group are running their first convention, Sabrecon, Sat Feb 5th, and I have volunteered my services to help out my former club in running a game.
The idea is, with the aid of Penfold & Dustino, we will run a Zombies in Space style game, hopefully using Dustino's zombie system he wrote last year for Halloween, a Space Hulk Board, Penfolds undead collection and my Necromunda gang... More details coming soon.

Massively Effected
In a desperate act of Fan Boyism, I have decreed the next game system I will write will be from scratch and not have stats, just skills. My setting - Mass Effect. using the Mass Effect 2 character classes and weapons as basis to b precise.
It will be a blend of Space Hulk, Warhammer Quest, Infinity and Mass Effect.
The basic ideas for how a combat turn will run are alreay in mind, just gotta write it and bulk it out in to something I can test out!
If anyone reckons they have what it takes to model up some 28mm Mass Effect 2 models, nows the time!

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Community Aid Required!

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Right, no suggestions have been forthcoming...so here it is again. I am currently working on Race Specific Class Packages. These will be a bit more powerful than normal ones but will require a special action done in-game to unlock. Without further a-do here are the ones that I have thought of so far.
Feat of Strength: Most of the class packages below will require a “Feat of Strength.” A feat of strength is a specific in-game requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the model that you want to have the Experience Package. To make it simple for yourself, mark down which models have completed your race specific class package’s feat of strength if they have one.


WIP – STC Hunters and Legion Corpse Taker

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

After a mammoth building session the other day, I have basically built the pool of models for my STC Hunter IG team and Legion Corpse Taker team - even built a VIP each for the sceanrios too!

Im just waiting on some Pig Iron Feral Militia heads and 2 more combat servitors and Im done bulding - then its painting it all.

The Guard Veterans/Legion Armsmen are a single pool of models that I can choose from - cheaper, easier, and adds an element of 'Then and Now' about the regiment, seeing them past and present exploits.

The photos are not great, as Im stil stuck using my HTC, which is no replacement for a real camera, so I am endeavouring to get replacements soon.

Heres something to whet the appetite....

Multilaser Sentinel

Death Watch Kill Team Nova

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

As is always the case, the activity of Ordos Xenos is high classified, but we are pretty sure there was a kill team operating on Taros during the Damocles crusade, and it is believed they were tasked with capturing samples of the Ethereal Caste for further Biologus examination....
Thats more than we should know as it is, but Black Armour kinda stands out against a desert backdrop. Details of a break out from the facility following a Kroot Mercenary raid are unsubstatiated, I would imagine due to the embarressment it would cause the Ordos Xenos!

Halem Katari - Ex Platoon Commander in the 17th Tallarn Light Infantry


Blogs and Kill Team updates a plenty!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

The personal blogs are now go! Check Dustinos and Ross from drop menu of Roll Call.

Phase 2, personalising your personal blogs with a few images and some word things in a header is next on list to do.
Its is done! I have modified the template file to allow us to add a personalised banner, title and paragraph of our writing to your own blogs, so Phase 2 is complete!
If you want one set up, contact me on a Wednesday (im in from 6.30pm) at the store and I will take details and explain how easy it is to up keep.

As for Kill team - the original file has been broken down into parts - Core Rules (new version up - check it out) and Sceanrios, both of the new ones being available now from Rule Archive.

They will be joined shortly by two new files - Codex FAQ for covering all those army specific niggles, the start of which you may have seen in the core rules.

The firat draft of Codex FAQs is up - bare in mind is a start, so now pouting or ranting. Spot a loop hole or issue - tell us, we'll sort it. Also, check out the can of worms I have opened at the end of the document - should make an interesting talking point..)

The other element is something TOTALLY new - the Back Burner List. This is where we will stash ideas for future adding or culling as needed - this is where all your ideas will be stashed so we know we have them for trialing later.

Id like to thank you all for your enthusiasm for this - its much appreciated. For all the play testers and queries makers, I have added a much needed credits page at the end of Core Rules - you've earnt that much! (Some of you won't know why yet - Ross, ill catch you soon as I can... 😉 )

Will the Unpronouncable has also kindly agreed to assist with the sceanrios and in going throguh the codexes for the FAQ file. Nuff love for that.

Either comment the ideas on blog, use the G4G forums or you can e-mail bigger stuff at fenriryan@googlemail.com if you need.

Keep all comments, queries and ideas coming, for remember who's rule set this is....

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Kill Team – the SHORT Version….

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Please turn your eyes to the Rules Archive Page where I have now put up complete WIP word doc for the full rules, with scenarios and suggestions for possibly great uses of the Iconic Class packages to get you thinking.

I have also put up an a doc file with some sample kill teams I did to give you more ideas of what you could do, showing off what I had considered for Tau, Space Marines and Orks.

I will get them printed out and into a folder at Gifts also so everyone can have a first and view of it all, and as reference for when we play also. here have been some changes also, so have a good look through.

Again - these are rules FOR YOU, so comment here with ideas or quieres and lets make this AWESOME!

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