And so the Legion of Doom is formed….

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Our Quest Group has now been finalised, and each one of our 8warriors is a dark hearted and manevolent being with desires and goals kept close to their heart....

  • A Pestigor, foul denizen of the Drakwald now blessed by Nurgle (Warpwolf Fenrir)

  • Not one but two Chaos Warlocks with more interest in blasting than healing (Sonny and Brandon)

  • A Rogue Witch Hunter looking for vengeance (Penfold)

  • A Chaos Warrior seeking glory in battle and the spilling of blood (Blighted)

  • A Chaos Maruader Barbarian who follows where the Warriorleads, reveling in the pillaging (Lee Snr)

  • A Chaos Dwarf looking to settle old Grudges (Lee Jnr)

  • A Skaven who has yet to reveal what clan he is from (Kurtle the Turtle)

Together they will raid & pillage, carving a bloody swathe across the Old World in the serach for a little dictatorship to call their own!