Bitz Bashing

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Hey guys, I thought we should start a little post with comments about what Bitz we might need for our Kill Teams as I know I need quite a bit and I am not too proud to beg... If you quickly post up what you are looking for it will help people help you!

I could use:

2x Space Marine Sniper Scout body

1x Space Marine Scout Sniper Rifle (both arms)

1x Space Marine Devastator Multi-Melta (both arms and backpack)

I have many bits, including enough to build quite a few Dark Eldar Warriors and Wyches, 2 Incubi, many Space Wolf bits to build plenty of Space Wolves including 1 last Terminator.

Ratling Sniper – “Ready for Orders, Sir!”

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As you can see below the Ratling Sniper is 95% painted for the kill team. Just need to do a little bit more weathering and applying dust onto the cape. Going to use the sponge method with Mig pigments to try to get enough dust on him so that he looks like he has been camping in a building for hours, if not days waiting for a target!

I really love doing urban camo, I don't know if Ross spotted me studying his grey combat jacket he was wearing on Sunday! I am intending to steal some of it's pattern design.

Hopefully now the Ratling is painted he will kill somebody tomorrow, as he has completely failed to in his opening 2 games! His spotter on the other hand has chalked up a tally of two dead astartes in two games.

Tyrants Invade Games Expo & No Quarter

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Earlier in 2010 the Tyrants invaded Games Expo in Birmingham where the Warmachine/Hordes UK Masters events are held. Congratulations to Chris Horn, who was the highest ranking Tyrant, finishing 33rd out of 64. And congratulations to Ant who was most sporting and even got a mention in no Quarter 32!

In the No Quarter article you should also be able to spot Danny and Tyrant Overlord Stef.

The Masters 2011 will be a 100 man tournament. The Tyrants will be attending and hopefully competing for the top spots!

End time is upon us!

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As the snow fell last night I was not surprised, as I new it was only the beginning of end time. I was only surprised there was not more.

The prophesy had been fulfilled, Lee had painted a unit and end time is upon  us!

End Time!Say goodbye to all you love people, the destroyer's herald has sent us a message!

Soon the earth's gravity will fail, while dogs and cats put aside there differences!

Evil superman will straighten the leaning tower of pisa!

Special K will taste like food!

Aliens will arrive and laser us!

Meteors will strike!

A fully self aware AI will decide humans are best dead!

The dead will walk and they will be hungry!

Dr Evil will kill Austin Powers!

Birds will decide humans are better off dead!

The Mole men,  Crab People and fish people will rise against us!

Blogs and Kill Team updates a plenty!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

The personal blogs are now go! Check Dustinos and Ross from drop menu of Roll Call.

Phase 2, personalising your personal blogs with a few images and some word things in a header is next on list to do.
Its is done! I have modified the template file to allow us to add a personalised banner, title and paragraph of our writing to your own blogs, so Phase 2 is complete!
If you want one set up, contact me on a Wednesday (im in from 6.30pm) at the store and I will take details and explain how easy it is to up keep.

As for Kill team - the original file has been broken down into parts - Core Rules (new version up - check it out) and Sceanrios, both of the new ones being available now from Rule Archive.

They will be joined shortly by two new files - Codex FAQ for covering all those army specific niggles, the start of which you may have seen in the core rules.

The firat draft of Codex FAQs is up - bare in mind is a start, so now pouting or ranting. Spot a loop hole or issue - tell us, we'll sort it. Also, check out the can of worms I have opened at the end of the document - should make an interesting talking point..)

The other element is something TOTALLY new - the Back Burner List. This is where we will stash ideas for future adding or culling as needed - this is where all your ideas will be stashed so we know we have them for trialing later.

Id like to thank you all for your enthusiasm for this - its much appreciated. For all the play testers and queries makers, I have added a much needed credits page at the end of Core Rules - you've earnt that much! (Some of you won't know why yet - Ross, ill catch you soon as I can... 😉 )

Will the Unpronouncable has also kindly agreed to assist with the sceanrios and in going throguh the codexes for the FAQ file. Nuff love for that.

Either comment the ideas on blog, use the G4G forums or you can e-mail bigger stuff at if you need.

Keep all comments, queries and ideas coming, for remember who's rule set this is....

Wolf Watcher 1

Kill Team Incoming! – Sons of Nostramo

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The bay was silent, if such a thing was possible on a warship of the Astartes. Even at rest a constant thrum of the active Plasma core vibrated through the steel bones of the vessel, the muffled sounds of crew ratings and hybrid servitors going about their daily rites of maintenance and the rumble of the ships soul, the Machine Spirit all came together to form the near unperceivable chorus of sound that passed as ship board silence.

As warships went the Whisper of Hate was not a large ship, in tonnage she matched a Gladius class rapid response strike vessel but in armament the black clad ship approached the firepower of a fully fledged Light Cruiser, her armoured flanks studded with gun batteries chased in dark brass swept forward towards a hammer like prow that housed the cavernous flight bay in which the group stood.

‘We should attack enforce, our way is not one of infiltration that is the realm of Corax’s pale whelps’ the speaker was a giant amongst the shadows, his form was augmented with a ancient suit of Terminator war plate. Adorned with dark midnight blue ceramite scored with lines of phosphor white lightening motifs his form almost seemed to blend with the shadows cast by the near by Thunderhawks and Stormbirds, the only source of light emanating from the speaker was two slits of blood red light spilling from his warhelms eye lenses and then reflected once again from the polished talons of his lightening claws.

‘Would you prefer we fall screaming from the stars with naught but destruction lain out before us? Sometimes I fear during the great war we may have inducted a son of Angron by mistake’ the second speaker was smaller although only by measure of his Power Armour, his livery matched in hue and pattern but where his Brother bore his claws unsheathed (by virtue of pattern the lightening could not be sheathed a fact the others often made jest of) he wore an ornate combi-melta mag clamped to his thigh and a wide bladed sword across his back. The giant Terminator growled his displeasure at his Brothers comment but made no response.

‘Our Brothers will follow where we lead the way, this world will not fall easily but the seeds of terror we sow will grow in the darkness until all we need do is push the teetering masses over the edge. That is our way, our Fathers way before us’ of the six warriors two stood slightly apart and it was one of these warriors that spoke now, his voice was strained and thick with the accent of their lost home wold.

‘Kargathal is right’ agreed another of the circle, his own armour swimming in shadow but unlike the hulking Terminator and his Power Armour clad brothers at his back and rising above his armoured gorget  sat a powerful jump pack, mag locked to his belt hung his pistol and blade both crafted by his own hand.

‘We descend then’ urged the second removed warrior, his voice even filtered through a vox grill seemed to overlap its self and echo with multiple tones and inclinations.

The hulking Terminator moved the shadows lingering reluctant to release him from their grasp, his bloody eyes took in his gathered Brothers and with a single nod he turned to stalk his way into the waiting belly of the nearest Thunderhawk Gunship. Despite his size and the armours considerable weight the movement was near silent, the others fell into step and boarded the transport in silence.

‘We descend’ agreed Brother Xoal as he settled his Tactical Dreadnought Armour into the grav Thrones cradle, a series of pneumatic clicks sounded before he finished speaking.

‘We Descend, In Midnight Clad’


Well, I have my list ready to rock and over the next month or so I will be building and painting my Warband (along side my Legion for the doubles in Jan) so expect lots of updates and photos from me over the coming weeks.

Kill Team Practice 2 Vs 2

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Two games in a week, good going for me!

Last night we had a 2vs 2 kill team game where myself and my lucky charm Lee (I do not think I have lost a game when playing with Lee) faced Jack and Will.

(Jack's Force)

The mission was assassination and the Librarian VIP was holed up on my right flank protected by a contingent of Jack's Marines.

(Target Acquired)

It was a  very close game that saw my Guard and Lee's Death Guard just pip Jack's Blood Angels and Will's Space Wolves to the win.

(Will's Wolves )

Lee's force secured the empty left flank and then was held up in the centre by Jack's and Will's forces. After a wounded Chaplin heroically held up his entire force for 3 turns his force then broke through into Will's line and reduced his forces to below 50%

In the centre the Guard line was disseminated by marine fire-power. However, they were only a distraction as my assassination squad led by a Sentinel technician and a Brawler Sargent advanced onto the target.  They dispatched the Marine bodyguards on the advance.

The sentinel and a meltagun Veteran bravely sacrificed themselves onto the frostblade of Lonewolf. The rest of the force continued forward and  fired on the VIP wounding him, but then were unable to damage him further.  After passing two bottle checks as the Guard were below 50% Will's Marines decided it was best to tactically withdraw. Phew!

Very close indeed.

The men of the match were;

The Chaplain for surviving so long (although he was the most expensive model on the table)

Will's Melta toting Grey hunter who chalked up 4 kills

My "Sniper" lascannon team for chalking up four kills including Will's Terminator commander in turn 1 !

Will's  Lone wolf for killing a chaos chosen, Melta Veteran and a sentinel.

Lastly the Plague Marine below was a complete failure. He missed every shot, got blown up by his own gun, but them miraculously survived thanks to his out of action role!

Kill Team Practice

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"Sir I'm going to need some support!" - Tactical Marine Varn's Last Words

Had a practice game of Kill Team last night with Jack. Good Fun!

Found out that Guard Vs Marines in combat is not going to happen and Melta weapons are awesome.

Jack reckons his missile launcher devastator needs to go back to gunnery school!

Will upload a picture of my Sentinels when they are done.