Chapterhouse vs GW

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Original Paperwork

In short, GW are filing copyright infringement case against Chapterhouse.

I personally feel that in this case, Chpaterhouse have flown to close to the sun, even though they have not in any ripped of GW parts, augmenting rather than ripping off GWs ranges.
I think GW should work with them to steer them to safe waters without Court Action.

The outcome of this case could have knock on effect for others making additional pieces for customisation, so this is one to watch I reckon.

Where do you stand on this case?
where do you stand folks?

Kill Team Sceanrios – Occums Razor Edition

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

The festive season has calmed, so I have taken advice of teh Overlord and taken Occums Razor to the sceanrios as if I were Fredy Krueger at a Slumber Party.

The feel of the missions are there, but theres less randomness, more clarity, and the dpeloyment in particular will be easier.

See what you think and repost.

In the back ground, i am going to dot he same to the core rules, but that wont affect what we play in Jan - this is just for my personal flagilation and practice.

Wolf Watcher 1

29th Dec 2010- Escaping the Family and over coming Cabin fever

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Escape the family, escape the other half, escape christmas specials.

Get the dice a rolling, the paint brushes wet and wax lyrical about the must have hobby buys for 2011.

I propose a Tyrants hobby day at the shop.

The plan is as follows,

  • Paint

  • Play

  • Chill

Its a simple plan, that's why I like it.

Its as easy as that, I know some of us have models to prep for the Double Penetration Tournament over at maelstrom games on the 8th Jan.

So who's a gonna be there.

To Infinity and Beyond…

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Knowing full well that we have way too many game systems already...I have just finished reading the Infinity Game Rules and I must say...they seem fantastic. Especially in a "take-it-easy" Kill-Team way. So if you are interested in Infinity, read on...otherwise this is where I leave you.

My main question was for Dustin actually; would it be possible to get Infinity miniatures through Gifts for Geeks? I ask because I remember when I ordered that Soda Pop Mini you mentioned I could have gone through you for it...and I would definitely like to support the store.

The second question is to those that showed interest at Phat Cats (i.e. Spence and Ross), what factions do you two play/interest you? I am torn between Yu Jing and Haqqislam and a little bit of PanOceanic at the moment and if one of you had your eye on them already I could quickly rule one of them out. I had no idea there were like 8 factions...all with a good number of models and interesting models. Man, the new year will be packed with Kill-Team, Dystopian Wars, and hopefully Infinity, Malifaux, and who knows what else!

Apocalyptic Battle Report

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Nikolai Constantine should have felt relieved. His first mission after being elevated to the ranks of an Inquisitor had been successful. It had been hard; he had lost many of his men and with the assistance of the Grey Knights, the Cult had been eliminated. All that was left now was to reach the co-ordinates required to exfiltrate via teleportation and leave this planet to be dealt with by the Imperial Guard.

So what was putting him at unease?


New Years (Conflict) Resolutions

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Just a quick thing that occured to me after a chat with Dustino....

We know that Kill Team (which is now alpha v1 by the way - hopefully its just codex specific and scenario stuff that will be altered....) is Jan and Febs gaming hit, but what of the rest of the year.

Im not saying we be totally anal and plan the entire year, but rather we get a few ideas in mind now that can be worked on in advance.

Eg - Dustino said about doing a fantasy version of Kill team, which someone furthered by suggesting we could do our own version of Arena Deathmatch with Fantasy Heroes. Cool ideas both (hell, could work them in unison as one if we get clever about it)

One Id like to throw out is to have a World War campaign using the new Dystopia with bonuses/modifiers for certain regions on the map which we can have up on wall for all to track the outcome. We can do it later in the year to allow for learning, army building and new model releases, and we can sort some awesome boards for the air/ground/sea battles we'll see.

Just food for the mind to try and balance out the food for the gut we will all be enjoying this festive season....

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Christmas Cheer

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After playing what was arguably the best game of Kill Team I have played so far, I sadly must leave you for a while. I fly away today but will be with you over the Blog :D. Spence will hopefully put up the full Battle Report with all it's ludicrous twists and turns and hilarious Epic Fails. Needless to say, the new changes to the Daemons have made them a bit more sane to play against, even if I'm not sane while playing them 🙂

Also on a new front, Dystopian Wars looks amazing. Prussians will be slowly flying into your airspace in the near future. Thinking of painting schemes already 😀

A merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.