The danger of Black Library Books

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This is only a short post and I want to gauge peoples feelings about this. I'm about half way through

Gav Thorpe has done something I thought no-one could, turned my perception of the Dark Angels being a chapter made up of dress wearing, moody, fence sitting douches into the most bad ass professional Astartes going. With that anyone can correct me if I'm wrong the first super scout Naaman (I remember from Ross doing his Dark Angels)

Now how much is it for a Deathwing Army, (Oo Forge World parts, tempt me so)

New Stuff!

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No Quarter 34 is in, but sadly no sign of the new blisters yet. They should, hopefully, be in before the end of the week.

The fabulously funky Sodapop miniatures range is now in store and will be on the Gifts For Geeks website next week.

Along with the above we have also a Dystopian Wars restock, a hero basing kit from Army Painter, a new Dark Angels Green Undercoat Spray, MIG Starter Sets and Operation Squad, a skirmish level rule set for 28mm World War 2 models.

My only issue with Operation Squad is Wehrmacht or Brits?!

Lastly the Blood Angels second wave will be in stock next week.

One for your Bookmarks

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Tabletop Fix Blog

Tabletop Fix are a pure and simple blog site who announce new mini releases for... well... everyone!

Check out the new Infinity releases for Feb (the Yaogat Sniper will be on order on release day).

But its the first glimpse of the Ret Arcantrik Generator for WM thats the show stealer.

A blog well worth bookmarking (ill add to our links list too)

Tyrants – Step Forth and be Tested!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Kill Team - Tyrants Test start Wednesday 19th January - ITS ON FOOLS!

Bring down your chosen Kill Team for our first week of carnage.

Bring your completed lists and any background you have written for the Best Team Background bragging rights.

Ill start tracking your teams wins and loses from the first day - no dry run for hardened Kill Team veterans!

Most of all - have fun all - looking forward.

Pleasentries aside - my Iron Tyrants Legion List will own all! MWUHAHAHAHA!

PS - Spencer - can you bring in those 2 CC servitors for me.... Cheers!

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Request: Who’s going for Nomads??

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Hey guys...

I'm looking at getting a couple of bits for my new Merc faction...more about this in another post in the future (they're going to be called 'The Crimson Blade')...but the boxsets i'm after are a bit on the expensive side when I only want half the minis!

Is anybody out there planning on collecting a Nomad army?? If so, let me know and it would be cool if you want to go halves on these sets 😉

Needs to be fairly urgent though as I may be purchasing them this weekend!! lol

Shattered Grounds 2011

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Greetings from your local Press Ganger! 😉

Privateer Press have announced dates and information for this year's Shattered Grounds Leagues. We had some fun playing them last year, and again this year lets try and get some fun games in!

As an extra incentive the prize for each event is a very nice coin:

The dates for the events are as follows, and as usual we'll be playing on every Warmachine Wednesday between the two dates. I'll be running some interesting pairing methods this year just to increase the randomness and to get everyone playing different people.

Windless Wastes: February 7th - March 6th
Thundercliff Peaks: April 18th - May 15th
Rotterhorn: June 20th - July 17th
Sand Narrows: September 19th - October 16th

Collation of Cool Concepts

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

My dodgy aliteration aside, here are some interesting tid bits for you all:

Tyrants Test - Occums Razor Edition:
Find below an updated rule set - this is not for the campaign starting this week, but a version I am fine tuning for later use and my own experience.
The first version of Tyrants Test ORE has been lain out to help further simplification and clarification of rules. feel free to get on board and offer suggestions.
Tyrants Test Occums Razor Edition

If you've not heard yet, Leicester Uni Sabres gaming group are running their first convention, Sabrecon, Sat Feb 5th, and I have volunteered my services to help out my former club in running a game.
The idea is, with the aid of Penfold & Dustino, we will run a Zombies in Space style game, hopefully using Dustino's zombie system he wrote last year for Halloween, a Space Hulk Board, Penfolds undead collection and my Necromunda gang... More details coming soon.

Massively Effected
In a desperate act of Fan Boyism, I have decreed the next game system I will write will be from scratch and not have stats, just skills. My setting - Mass Effect. using the Mass Effect 2 character classes and weapons as basis to b precise.
It will be a blend of Space Hulk, Warhammer Quest, Infinity and Mass Effect.
The basic ideas for how a combat turn will run are alreay in mind, just gotta write it and bulk it out in to something I can test out!
If anyone reckons they have what it takes to model up some 28mm Mass Effect 2 models, nows the time!

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