New Stuff! 27/2/11

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Quite a few new items in this week. First I'll start with the excellent new hobby accessory instant mold;


We will be selling 6 sticks of Instant Mold for £10.79. It can apparently easily make smaller pieces of equipment such as melta guns and jetpacks. You can also make miniatures from it, but I am not sure if the detail will carry over. Only one way to find out!


We also received the Dystopian Wars second wave of fighters and bombers for all four nations.

The Infinity starter sets and rulebooks came in, and the Malifaux rulebook.  I am also glad to announce the complete range for both systems is available to order in and will be priced at 10% off the RRP.

The much awaited expansion to Deathwatch, Rites of Battle, arrived. Where you can now be a Chaplain or Dreadnought and fight Warhound Titans!  Deathwatch RPG is also back in stock.

The February releases for Privateer Press arrived (such as Valachev and the the Black Frost Shard) and the complete range of P3 paints! Magic the Gathering Event Decks arrived, along with the Blood of Martyrs expansion book for Dark Heresy.

Another busy week next week the Orcs and Goblins launch is in and our first Blood and Oil since the nationals is on this Sunday.


MTG gets Stacked & the Deathwatch are Reborn

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Im basically back to fighting fit, but for safe side I have ensconsed myself at my PC rather than strained myself (other than cleaning out several pet cages, hoovering, wahsing up, storing stuff up attic... Oh the relaxation) and have writen my 2nd blog-bite about Magic The Gathering, looking at the Stack. Find it on Wolf's Eye View now.

Also, I have uploaded my first version of a Deathwtach codex Im working on. Heavily modified from 5th Ed Movies Marines to be more Codexesque in stats but with some fun new additions, tricks and weapon power ups to befit, it is a WIP that I hope to have ready for a play test by end of April.
Im working through the weapons, then vehsicles, then special rles before I properly work on the points costs, but I am aiming for 1 HQ, 2-3 Troops, 1-3 Elites or Heavy Support at 2000pts - you'll see what that actually gets you when you read it, d/l it from this link or the Home Grown Rules page.

Wolf Watcher 1

Tyrants Invade UK Hardcore Heat 2

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Well.... me and Coops anyway, no-one else is hardcore enough 😛

Thoroughly enjoyed the day even though I only managed 2 hours sleep on Saturday night - finishing off and rebasing all my Trolls until 5am!

Coops was unlucky in all his games, with a list stolen from No Quarter you'd have thought it would have done better - but as it turned out he found himself on bottom table facing the same list as his!

My 2 wins came down to the wire, which was to be expected with the list I took as it lures the opponent in for the kill and then counters IF they fail. Game 1 dragged out to a draw, neither of us committing, mainly down to my opponent not being used to Bethane. Game 2 I successfully lured a Cryx army into going for Madrak, and after leaving him on 1 damage he said thank you and went in for the kill. Game 3 was pretty much the same, this time against a Legion Absylonia list of doom. Game 4 was against the overall winner using pDenny and suffice to say he munched through Madrak with ease after popping feat and stopping all of my stuff from doing anything significant.

Anyway... here's the results... (click for big version)

New Stuff! 19/2/11

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In next week - Mirrodin Besieged Event Decks

These decks feature a 60 card main deck and 15 card sideboard, including 7 rares. Mirrodin Besieged features two event decks: a Mono-red event deck for the Mirran side ('Into the Breach') of the conflict, and a blue-black deck for the Phyrexians ('Infect and Defile'). These also come with a Spindown life counter and a card box. AThe basic idea for these items are to give casual players a chance to buy a product they can play right out of the box in a Standard/Type II event.

Coming Soon - Infinity

We have an order on the way of starter sets. The complete range will be available to order in. As with over games we support the Infinity instore range will grow with demand.

Lastly Maybe just maybe Malifaux will be coming in with the Infinity order. But, no promises!

Infinity – on and on the releases come…

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Im a bit narked as I am still awaiting my Yaogat Sniper I preordered from the start of the month, but Im still looking forward to the next wave.

The Next Wave

My personal interest lies with Morat getting bolstered again with the Kurgat Engineers corp - he has an Mk12, but as they also have an Autocannon option, I know what he will be proxxying until further notice.

Ninjas, hot chicks with droids and a new sniper sums up the selection nicely - have a look see.

I also wanted to see who would be up for a proper planned night of it.

Ive got two weeks of Hordes planned with Kurt & Sonny, but then Im at a loose end, so who would be up for booking in some Inifinty time?

Magic Lessons for you!

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

Im off work till further notice due to a raging Viral infection (if you start feeling like a sore throat, go get checked out - it aint fun!) so i have decided to occupy myself a sbest I can.

Alas going out in the horrid weather to finally start spraying and painting my WH Quest monsters is out of the picture, so I thought Id use my blog for good, so if you swing on by to Wolfs Eye View you can read the first in a series of articles I am going to write about Magic the Gathering to give you all some food for thought, starting with the core sterotypes of each of the 5 colours for you to bear in mind.

The next one is going to go over Deck Building theory, and over the course of the next few weeks, I will also look at the Stack and all it means to you, some common jargon you'll hear and read alot and wtf it all means, and other little useful bits.

So if you have any questions or something flicks a switch in your mind, raise it like a Black Deck player with too much mana and we'll set about it.

Mean time, Im also gonna start writing up my elemntally skewed dungeon crawler game rule set Ive been unable to shake from my already fragile psyke....

Sick Wolf howling off....

Wolf Watcher 1

MTG: 16/3/11 Organised play event

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Here are the basic rules for tomorrows event

Constructed decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance. If a player wishes to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards.
With the exception of basic land cards, a player’s combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title equivalent. All cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest are basic. (The five Ice Age block snow-covered lands -- Snow-Covered Plains, Snow-Covered Island, Snow-Covered Swamp, Snow-Covered Mountain, and Snow-Covered Forest -- are also basic lands. Note that snow-covered lands are permitted only in formats that allow expansions from the Ice Age block to be used.)
The following card sets are permitted in Extended tournaments:
• Lorwyn
• Morningtide
• Shadowmoor
• Eventide
• Shards of Alara
• Conflux
• Alara Reborn
• Magic 2010
• Zendikar
• Worldwake
• Rise of the Eldrazi
• Magic 2011
• Scars of Mirrodin
• Mirrodin Besieged (effective February 4, 2011)
• "Action" (effective May 13, 2011)

There are currently no cards banned in Extended.