From the mists they came…

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So epic image and stuff anyone actually still playing this epic game anymore?

I hand in my dissertation on the 6th of April which precludes me from participating in the Highlander Tourney but I may drop in late to see how it goes and start working on something truly epic as 6th of April ushers in an era of slight free time in the age of oppression.


I have a lot of epic things under my bed so I decided to get back into a certain epic army that would go well with epic terrain things from other ranges...

Interest thoroughly peaked.



Incoming!: Forge World Open day announcement…

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Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is the Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan you see there!

Its been announced that this model will be available to buy (in limited numbers I imagine) at the up and coming Forge World open day.

Some of you (like myself) have probably seen the early mock up models at other shows, but I honestly didn't expect it to be for sale already!

Apparently the rules and technical specs will be in Imperial Armour 11.

Veeery nice!

More pics here:

Highlander 2 – Warmachine / Hordes Tournament

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After the success of the last event we will be running a sequel on the 6th April 6.30 start.

There will be 3 games to decide the victor. The rules we will be using is as follows;

15 Point Army which must consist of

1 Warcaster/Warlock
1 Troop Unit Choice (May be full strength with attachments)
1 Solo Choice
1 Warjack/Warbeast Choice

Additional points to make a 15 point army list may be spent on a single additional Warbeast/Warjack Choice

Ed Bourelle interview on Press Start TV

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Press Start TV have done an interview with Privateer Press Creative Director Ed Bourelle, having a chat about their development process from concept to playtesting. All while standing next to the new Battle Engines on a table giving a very good idea of how big these things are in relation to other models and human beings...

Incoming: New Space Combat…from Mongoose!

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Well, looks like Mongoose have decided to return to their Call to Arms space combat system!

For those of you that don't know, Call to Arms was originally the sytem used by Mongoose games for their Babylon 5 game. Myself and a few of the Phat Cats used to play this some years ago and thought it was awesome! However, Mongoose suffered as part of the recession and it got pulled along with all their other miniature based games.

Now, obviously this new game isn't Babylon 5, but it's a system that may be worth a look if it's as good as the old system. If not, I've still got my old rule books (and an ISA fleet) kicking around if someone fancies something different to Firestorm 😉