Privateer Press Go Pig Ugly

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The disfigured farrow assistant of Dr. Arkadius, Targ aids his master by tending the violent and unpredictable farrow warbeasts. Although lacking refinement and expertise, Targ has a way with warbeasts. He can push a warbeast to lash out with an unpredictable attack, administer vital medical care to his charges, or provide vital guidance to farrow warbeasts that wander too far from their masters.

Two weeks of something exotic

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Plans are for some out of the ordinary gaming for the next 2 weeks:

Wednesday 4th May is going to see atleast 4 Malifaux crews taking to the streets for some turf wars - Arcanists, Resurrectionists, Neverborn and Guild have all confirmed their attendance for the showdown. The more the merrier!

Wednesday 11th May we go to Inifinty.. and no further! Why would you look further than the dynamic models and tense gaming expereince that Inifinity provides. So for all those with starter boxes but no clue, come down for a crash course in what Newton really meant with his Third Law of Motion....

Chapter Approved – Dettol

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It worked, both on metal and plastic. Stripped a chaos fighter and epic rhino easily. I left them in Dettol over night. Most the paint fell off, I then brushed the rest off with an old toothbrush.


stripping models with dettol
stripping models with dettol

The plastic rhino was completely undamaged by the process.