Warhammer Questers – Please Read!

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Due to unforeseen family things (a beast no hero cant slay I assure you...) the first WH Quest session will be Sunday July 3rd 2011.

To try and offset this, I will be doing individual character rolling with everyone in the run up so we can hit the ground running.

I can do this as early as this Wednesday if people want, just grab me and Ill sort it for you.

Also - we will all be starting with a skill - you usually wait till hitting level 2 (easy I know) before getting to roll one, but we wil be all getting one roll at the very start to make our characters more intriguing from the very get go.

Heavily Armoured Reinforcements

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The first delivery of the Tyrant Mk2 and the new Dreadnought case are in stock. Sadly they do not go on general sale until the 6th June, as they have been reserved for the Birmingham Games Expo.

Kurt posing with his new Dreadnought (Ultratroll Edition)
Kurt posing with his new Dreadnought (Ultratroll Edition)


However, I have managed to secure some cases for the Tyrants going to Expo, so if need a sexy new case we have some put aside for you. Plus all Tyrants grabbing a case will get a free Privateer Press patch.

<Disclaimer - sexy beast sold seperately>


MTG Gatherer

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Magic Gathere is an awesoem online database that has every card every creayed listed with everything you could hope t know about it.

It ideal for finding whjat cards are still in legal Standard tournament usage as you can actually set a search parameter to 'Standard'.

Its easy, straight forward, and can display search result without images for wap/3g/mobile users.

I have put a permanent link for it on the blogs fav Links menu down the right hand side so you can always get to it from here.

GW: When it rains it pours, what will it take to drown?

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So we have now confirmed that:

1) Citadel 'Finecast' is going to be more costly, but supposidly with the promise they will go up in price less frequently....

2) GW is having a May/June 2011 price rise across the board

3) GW has just placed a trade embargo on all non-EUmember/geographically EU markets (Australia, US, Canada to name but some)

And whilst this chaos ensues, Chapterhouse, already having had a legal notice from GW slapped against them and awaiting the court date, have shown their stance by releasing their new May Previews - hellhound Space Elves (refered to as 'what male Howling Banshess woud look like') and conversion components for a 6 wheeled conversion for a Chimera.

Dissent for GW on the BoLS is strengthening with the recent anoucements, with Privateer Press amongst others already starting to steal away the gamer here and there at an increasing rate.

Heck - the only reason their recent Shareholders report looked any good was not due to enhanced sales but because of short term meausres of cut backs and logisitc tightenings. Sales actually tumbled a little - the higher prices proving too high for some, even given the quality fo some of the newest sculpts (if not in value - Sepulchural Stalkers, you know I refer to you..... grrr......)

Sucks to be GW right now.... But will it amout to anything in the long run?

They lasted this long - but Devils Advocate for a monment - what would it actually take for the monster that is GW to falter and fall?

And so the Legion of Doom is formed….

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Our Quest Group has now been finalised, and each one of our 8warriors is a dark hearted and manevolent being with desires and goals kept close to their heart....

  • A Pestigor, foul denizen of the Drakwald now blessed by Nurgle (Warpwolf Fenrir)

  • Not one but two Chaos Warlocks with more interest in blasting than healing (Sonny and Brandon)

  • A Rogue Witch Hunter looking for vengeance (Penfold)

  • A Chaos Warrior seeking glory in battle and the spilling of blood (Blighted)

  • A Chaos Maruader Barbarian who follows where the Warriorleads, reveling in the pillaging (Lee Snr)

  • A Chaos Dwarf looking to settle old Grudges (Lee Jnr)

  • A Skaven who has yet to reveal what clan he is from (Kurtle the Turtle)

Together they will raid & pillage, carving a bloody swathe across the Old World in the serach for a little dictatorship to call their own!