Blood & Oil – Friendship Edition

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Blood & Oil charity Doubles July 2011.

24th July 2011.

Store opens at 10am Tournament begins at 10.30am

Entry £2.50

This is a doubles tournament where 2 players form a team. They play the same game and as a team, on the same table at the same time. Players may move models and units from their combined force in any order they wish during their turn.

Former Blood & Oil Champions must team up with someone who is new or regularly finishes in the lower half of the tournament tables. Example Spoony Ben (Yes, he has 4 wooden spoons to his name)

Games will be played on 4’ x 4’ tables using terrain pre-set by the tournament organisers. There will be 3 games over the course of the weekend, each lasting a maximum of 1 3/4 hours.


July In-store Events

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Lots of stuff happening in July;

Sunday July 10th - Magic 2012 Pre-release. Standard sealed deck event.

Saturday 16th July - Kill Team Tournament. Rules as made by the Tyrants earlier this year.

Sunday 17th July -  Magic 2012 Release. Standard sealed deck event.

Sunday 24th July - Blood and Oil Friendship Edition. Warma-Hordes Charity Doubles tournament.


Ask Dustin for more details on the events above.

Khador and Beastmen – Bases not Included

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

My two new armies continue.... Kinda slowly.

Having made the decision to use properly produced scenic resin bases and turn these into slow but well loved modelling projects as much as new gaming armies, I am now slightly neutered as the bases have yet to arrive, so I have many boxes of models, and thats about it.

But I thought I would share my masterplan in the meantime.


Warmachine aims for New Starter Success

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Warmachine Two Player Starter Set

Hi - if your not drooling yet, read the contents:

From their announcement:

Complete Prime MKII rules in a travel-sized booklet (86 pages), introductory guide, dice, ruler, and 17 plastic WARMACHINE models with corresponding stat cards.
• Warcaster Kommander Sorscha
• Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
• Destroyer Heavy Warjack
• Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit (5 models)
• Warcaster High Exemplar Kreoss
• Crusader Heavy Warjack
• Vanquisher Heavy Warjack
• Repenter Light Warjack
• Exemplar Cinerators Unit (5 models)

No price as yet, but if it comes out at £100, its still a freaking bargin!

Man-o-War Shocktroopers are £60 in metal for five, and the Starter box of Sorcha and Jacks is £31, so given that you basically getting over half that box for free....

Plus - EVERYONE loves "rules in a travel-sized booklet" - dibs on the first one going spare! 😉

Sisters of Battle & Storm of Chaos leaks

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Its is confirm that Sisters are getting a two issue WD codex the same way the Blood Anegls did many years ago.

Check out the box on the bottom left....

Rumor is there are going to be new models to support them.

In all honestly, I cant help but feel this may just mean that after Codex: Grey Knights and now Codex: Sisters of Battle, they may ACTUALLY be a small chance of Codex: Deathwatch, which is the only thing that will bring me back to a 3+ army!

Next hit we have covers the upcoming Storm of Chaos expansion for Fantasy.

Bell of Lost Souls has some juicy images of new modles, including a new Manticore (about bleeding time!) and a new, uber dynamic (read - precariously balanced) Dark Elf Black Dragon

There are dice, spell books and terrain galore also.

Note the snuk in new Chaos Sorceror model also.....

Check out the 35+ casting value peeking out on a card corner in the image of the spell tomb.... YIKES!

Bell of lost Souls - Storm of Chaos Leaked Images