State of Play

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Welcome back for the next instalment of gaming news.

Last week was an unashamed parade of the top companies and their top projects, but I did make note of the growing number of growing smaller games.

These aren’t new starters for the most part, but Phoenix reborn from ashes in most cases, and it is these underdogs, or Rebel Alliance, that I would like to focus on today.


Scibor On Sale Now

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For alternative models 28mm I would place Scibor on par with Avatars of War. A couple of weeks ago I picked up 2 of  their Chaos Dwarf models and I can confirm they of the highest quality.

We only have the sci-fi knights range in at the moment, but as with other new ranges we have complete access to the rest of the range and can get specific models or bases on request. Restock times for Scibor should only be 2-3 days.


New White Dwarf

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The new white Dwarf has landed and it is a great one!

For regulars lets just say my release schedule predictions were correct.

There are some great Vampire releases next month including new characters and scenery, there is also some daemonic reinforcements and the first part of the Witch-hunter codex.

White Dwarf goes on sale Saturday.

State of Play – City Edition

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Lo all.

This little gem couldn't really wait till Saturday, so thought Id bring it to you now.

GW have released their 2010/2011 accounts. The forewards and commentary from the CEO at the start of the document are an interesting read which have caused the most discussion on blogs and sites across the blogshere and world wide webways. Bell of Lost Souls is as always a fine example.

For clarity and context, here are the reports from 2009 and 2010 so you can accurately compare and see the trends.

Bear in mond the timing of when this was actually collated - this is just as Fine Cast was released, and before the Embargo and the Price Rise (though you can see him verbally leading in to it).

Personally, I will be interested to compare this year's with nexts year's 2011/2012 accounts when any and all effects of Fine Cast, Embargo and Price Rise will apparent.

State of Play

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Lo all! As the resident snooper of all things gaming,  thought Id try a weekly spot giving you the cream of the crop - as such, State of Play is born.

And what a crop it is! The last 2 months have seen a massive explosion of gaming companies ramping up the releases, quality and recruitment activity. (warning - many images and much awesome!)


Tyrants Test Page updated

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Check the Tyrants Test - Kill Teams page for all the new files with updated rules.

Of main interest is the new scenarios document.

Based on the ones written for the one day tournament last week, these are simpler, less random/weird and also now have added Campaign Play effects so that the outcome has an effect on the next game for some added fun an flavour.

Work on Age of Strife has begun, but its a tad slow at moment as my works office has basically imploded arounded me. I hope to have a rough draft of material ready for end of August.

Warhammer Campaign – Commanders & Cutthroats

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Starting Next week Tabletop will be running a mighty empires and Storm of Magic themed Campaign.

Armies start at 1000 points so it will be great for beginners or people starting a new army. Armies may be selected from the Warhammer armies books as normal, but no special characters are allowed.

So Far the Major Powers are;

  • Jon - Beastmen

  • Dustin - Chaos Dwarfs

  • Jack - Warriors Of Chaos

  • Kurtle - Skaven

  • Paul - Vampire Counts

  • Lee - Ogres

  • Stef - Lizardmen

  • Ben W - Vampire Counts

  • Ross - Vampire Counts

Minor Powers (whoever controls the minor power on the campaign map controls them on the battlefield. We will have the models on hand at tabletop);

  • Graveyard - Level 2 Necromancer with 10 Skeletons

  • Fire Peak - Level 3 Fire Wizard Lord

  • Wyvern's Layer - A Wyvern

  • Ancient Grove - A Treeman

  • Runehunter - A Runesmith with two autodispels and a 1+ Armour Save.

  • Ale Wagon Freehouse - Allows the owner of the bar to take allies in his list (The warhammer rulebook has a full set of rules for taking allies).  25% of your armies points may be spent on models from another army book.

If you fancy joining in just inform one of the Tyrants and we will put you in. There is plenty of scope in this campaign. If you are feeling particularly crazy you can even volunteer to be a minor power!


Blood & Oil Friendship Edition

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The teams submitted so far are;

  1. Lianne & Chris

  2. Hamish & Liz

  3. Jack & Lee

  4. Steff & Coops

  5. Darrell & ____

The Games begin at 11am so please be get to Tabletop early enough for your set up. We open at 10.15 this Sunday.

I know a lot of you are struggling to organise a partner, so if you need one just come down this Sunday and we will rummage you up a friend.

Tyrants Test:Kill Teams – The Aftermath

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Saturday has been and gone and it was a great day for all who tried their hand at a covert op or two.

Pete and his Death Company came a full force first with uncontested and undisputed victories, so well done to him and his boys (including the worlds ONLY Gok Wan trained Chaplain who spent more time posing for enemy Heavy Bolters than anything else)

Much was learnt, and the rules have evolved once more:

  • How being Knocked Down works with combat, both freshly charged and ongoing. Feel no Pain also got a looking at, as it was proving VERY powerful, so its been toned down to a 5+ which looks to off set it better.

  • Combi-Weapons also are now a full weapon allowance ach - it may be one shot, but that one shot can be game turning when you alpha strike with 4 plus 2 normal assault weapons.

  • Leaping between building tops/levels is in. Its simple but fun and fitting, esepcially thanks to a no-pre-measure clause.

  • Lastly, Power Weapons lost the Instant Death - overcoiming armour was enough and with Finshers, combat is brutal enough.

New versions of this final system will be going up soon, as well as the campaign elements which have been sectioned of into a seperate file so you ca enjoy single games or bolt on as you wish. Even the sceanrios will be revisited once more as the ones run on Saturday were simpler but just as fun and testing.

In fact, the Marine list heavy event also showed that this system would be ideal for a Heresy based campaign system where you start with a legionnaire squad of 20 and over the course of the campaignm they all laern their own specialisties and grow to become mighty heretic warbands or loyalist tactical squads.

So Tyrants Test : Kill Teams is pleased to announce its first expansion coming soon:

Tyrants Test :  Age of Strife

As has been the Tyrants Test way, the first version will be a public beta for ripping into and reworking together as a community, so when it goes up, I look forward to you all steping forward with ideas. In fact - why not start now!

  • What progression system would you like to see - XP, Feat or a combination?

  • Anything that should be limited or banned - Dreads, champions, Daemons & Daemon Prince, Sorcerors and Psykers?

  • Should progression be Heretic vs Loyalist, or have Chapter specific elemnts and options also?

Innistrad – Horror lurks within

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innistrad logo
Innistrad logo

Even though magic 2012 is not even out we have booked in two events for the next upcoming release, Innistrad. Put these dates in your diary and speak to a member of staff about reserving a place, as we will most likely fill up.

Sunday 25th September - Innistrad pre-release sealed deck event.


(Make a 40 card minimum deck out of 6 boosters) Price, £15 (assuming the RRP for innistrad boosters does not change) for entry and 6 boosters, a week before officially released!


Sunday 2nd October - Standard Tournament release event with prize support for the winners and losers.

£2.50 entry.


If enough people are interested we will also stay open late on the Friday 30th September release date for a standard tournament.