Dystopian Wars Games Day – 21/8/11

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We open at 11 on Sundays and the event will start at Noon. Everyone involved please could you get down as early as possible so we can start the event on time.

The Scenery is coming along nicely, four islands and two bunkers painted.

Next on the list is paint the port & trenches, build the airfield and purchase a "sea"

Could everyone playing please reply to their post with their nation and the amount of points they have for land, air and sea.

Once I have this info I can start to theme the large engagement we will be playing.

State of Play

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Good day all and welcome to the third instalment of State of Play.

And as promised, this week is a look at those talented teams who produce cool minis and parts alone – no game of their own (although often ‘compatible with popular 28mm scale wargames’)

We all love to personalise our armies, and sometimes the paint scheme alone doesn’t sate us. Every gamer has that moment, when they down the paint brush, look at the model in their hand and just think, ‘Umm… I really wish I could change…'

This thread is dedicated to helping those who have just reached that stage of hobby development find that part, and for those of us far beyond that stage to keep finding new and unusual bits for that spark of inspiration


New Ogre Kingdoms Army Book Confirmed for September

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The New Ogre Army book has been confirmed for a September release by White Dwarf

Be the first to see the new models in White Dwarf in our retail store, Tabletop Tyrant, on the 28th of August.

Don't forget that retail stores now get White Dwarf before subscribers, so if you want to be the first to know get down to Tabletop on the last Saturday of the Month to pick up White Dwarf.

The new Ogre range has been kept hush hush, but I can reveal the new range will include a very battered looking Ogre Tyrant riding a giant scarred-up rhinox. I am not sure if it is a change of style for the new ogres as the Tyrant and Rhinox looked like that had seen a lot of warfare and had a tonne of scars and patches. Maybe the rest of the range will follow suit and look a bit meaner.

This week we will also be receiving the new Vampire counts releases. This includes two new characters,  a new monstrous mount, two finecast re-releases and some lovely Gothic terrain.

Lastly Available to collect 20th August:
Chaos Daemons Battalion/Battleforce – contains a great variety of models, can be used for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer
Chaos Daemon Herald of Tzeentch – brand new Citadel Finecast model
Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul – brand new model, a retinue for the previously released Archon model
Dark Eldar Medusae – brand new model, a retinue for the previously released Archon model