FNM & Innistrad Standard Tournament (2/10/11)

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To celebrate today's new release Innistad the store will be staying open until 10pm and running Friday Night Magic. Entry is free and the format is standard (remember that m11, zendikar, worldwake and rise of the eldrazi are now out of standard)

The tournament will kick off between 6.30 and 7pm.

This Sunday we are also running a standard tournament with full prize support. Entry is £2.50 and all entrants will get the following promo card;

The tournament begins at noon and should finish between 3 and 4 pm.



Innistrad Pre-release Events 24th & 25th September

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Don't forget that we have an Innistrad Pre-release this weekend and the spaces are filling up fast. So if you would like to reserve a place please email us (tabletoptyrant@gmail.com) or give us a ring on 0116 2533954.

Saturday 24th September: Booster Draft

Starts 12.30, £10 for 3 boosters and entry

Sunday 25th September: Sealed Deck

Starts 11.30, £18 for 6 boosters and entry

If you buy tickets for Saturday and Sunday you get a 10% extra discount off both your tickets!

Mangled Metal /Tooth and Claw

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Steel yourselves soldiers of Immoren a time of reckoning is upon us bring all creatures of the wild whose fury can be harnessed to aid you in these hard times of war, and iron sentinels whose wrath shakes the very earth of the lands you wish to conquer.

Iron strength versus unbridled fury in a fight to the death who shall stand victorious over the remains of there annihilated foe.

this event will kick off at 11.00am on Sunday the 16th of October at Tabletop Tyrant, there will be an entry fee of £2.00.

Four rounds will be played to determine a winner. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the points limit is 15 points plus your warcaster points (battle group only) and  no caster attachments. So unleash the beasts and mechanical monsters.


Kurtle Power!

State of Play – Ogre Kingdoms: An Askew Review

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After something of a hiatus (read as sheer bone idleness for a month), State of Play returns with something unusual - a review thats not quite a review - read on dear readers, read on....

Funny thing these Games Workshop releases...

In 40K you know whats gonna happen - the inevitable Codex Creep that pushes older Codex further from the lime light (by older I mean anything more than 3 codex ago). And as a result, Count As is rife through the 41st Millenium - hell, Im jumping on that particular bandwagon myself by using the Space Wolves codex to run a close approxiamation of a Deathwatch Command (with the add of a sinulge house rule ripped from the original Chapter Approved - but thats for another article).

But in Fantasy, we dont really have these issues. Each army book that comes out is considered in its own way (generally to cries of 'OVER POWERED'  admittedly, at leat for the first few reads), and there is no mass outcry of Army Book Creep, or Count As Fodder - its releasesdd, it cools, we play it, what ever.

And yet here have come Ogre Kingdoms....

Today is not a review of it as an army, but a review of what this release has meant to Beastmen players like me across the Old World. (I did warn is as an Askew Review)


fantasy sunday

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Warhammer fantasy Sunday

Greetings all commanders and warlords, Gifts for Geeks has declared every first Sunday of the month fantasy club.

The shop opens at 11.00 and closes at 4.00 so that gives us five hours of fantasy mayhem.

Not only will you have the chance to show what devastating destruction your forces are capable of unleashing, over the passing weeks we will be sorting out cool events for you to take part in, checking out new releases and helping you guys build a force to be reckoned with.

If you don’t feel like playing we have full painting facilities with staff members on hand to offer great advice to make your army look the business.

So feel free to come down to the shop on a Sunday bring your army, meet some new people, have a laugh and…