Flames Of War

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If you fancy liberating Europe, subjugating the Soviet Union or Defending the Empire then speak to Dustin, as Tabletop Tyrant is now offering intro games of Flames of War.

For players with armies built and ready to go we will be hosting a Flames of War day very soon. The aim of the day is for people to bring down their armies and play opponents/armies they have not played before.

Mangled Metal Update!

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Mangled Metal Update!

Hey guys just a quick reminder of the rules and what's happening  for this months mangled metal tooth and claw.

The event will kick off 11.00am on Sunday the 16th of October at Tabletop Tyrant, there will be an entry fee of £2.00.

Four rounds will be played to determine a winner. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the points limit is 15 points plus your warcaster points.


Each player will need dice, tape measure and focus/fury tokens.

Two legal 15 point lists. (battle group only).

No caster attachments of any unless they are are Warbeast (Such as Laris).

If there are any questions please leave me a comment or come to the store and I will do my best to answer all.

Thanks hope to see you all





Blood & Oil Nationals Update

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After the success of last year's Blood & Oil tournament, Gifts for Geeks are teaming up with the Leicester Phat Cats to run Blood & Oil 2011 (5th & 6th of November)

Rules The tournament will use the Steamroller 2011 rules pack. Players will be using two, fifty point lists, each led by a different caster. In this event, Prime and Epic casters are considered to be different casters.

Each list must be used at least twice during the event. Lists must be submitted to LeicesterPhatCats@hotmail.co.uk before 25th Oct 2011

Games will be 100 minutes in duration and each turn will be 12 minutes long. Once per game a player may use a 5 minute time extension to their turn. They may declare that they are using this extension at any point during their turn, or within 10 seconds after their turn has ended.

What You Need to Bring With You

1. Two copies of you army lists.

2. Models for your armies. Proxies may be used if there are no current official figures are available and must be certified as fit for play by a tourney official before the event.

3. Stat cards for your army, and the relevant rulebook if using a tier list.

4. Templates and dice, also a timer/stopwatch to time your turns.

5. Superglue just in case.

Schedule Day 1

09.30 - 10.00: Arrival and registration. Welcome and important information.

10.00 - 11.40: Game 1

12.00 - 13.00: Lunch and preliminary painting judging.

13.00 - 14.40: Game 2

15.00 - 16.40: Game 3

Schedule Day 2

09.30 - 10.00: Doors open.

10.00 - 11.40: Game 4

12.00 - 13.00: Lunch and players painting judging.

13.00 - 14.40: Game 5 15.00 - 16.40: Game 6

17.00: Final standings, prizes and cheerio! Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Best Painted Army Sportsmanship “The King of Sponge Valley” In addition, certificates will be awarded to the top players in each faction