December Beastmen / Storm of Magic Releases

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December see's the usual big kits release from GW, and this year sees the Beastmen get some festive love - drunk, quick and ever so awkward...

Behold the mighty Jabberslyth!

I like the design, and its confirmed as on a cariot base, so thats cool.

Fine Cast though - this bad boy is £40.... Those wings just cry failcast-in-waiting.

Here is the plastic multi-kit for the Ghorgon and Cygor.

The latter of the pair looks better - the Ghorgon is a big disappointment - looks very top heavy and weedy as a result. And when you compare to the current models already available, or indeed the art work in the book, its a missed opportunity I feel.

But I am sure that people who play Storm of Magic will love to add a Cygor (who EATS wizards) to their collection.

But no noted points cost drop for these guys for the Beastmen book - so Storm of Magic still gets them cheaper than their parent book. Dropping the points in an errata for Beastmen to match would ensure many more sales from Beastmen players (assuming they havent already bought from Maelstrom's Bane Legions line that is)

Christmas Carnage

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Christmas carnage

Deck the halls with bits of warjack la la la la laa la la la la, smash the teeth in of a warbeast la la la la laa la la la laa.

Seasons greetings to all, Gifts for Geeks will be celebrating Christmas with a Hordes and Warmachine doubles tournament, the event will kick off on Sunday the 18th of December at 11.00am.

The rules are simple its 50 points a team (25 each) and tier list are allowed.

Epic and prime casters in one army are not allowed (e.g. epic fiora and prime fiora)

Four rounds will be played to decide the winning team there will also be prizes for best painted battle group and single miniature. (armies do not have to be painted.)

There will be an entry fee of £5.00 per team,this will also be our last hordes and warmichine tournament of the year so i hope for a good turn out.

With all said... back to the mince pies, grab a partner and devise your plans to layeth the smackdown!

Puppet Wars Arrives and Hides Under Your Bed

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Puppet Wars gives you insight into the lives of Puppets when no one is
around to watch. It's simple, just find the other army's leader, and rip
him. If he's more frayed thread than stuffing, you've won. Start by
wielding Pins and Needles to go on the offensive, or Hide Under the Bed
if your enemy approaches. Animate all your friends from your Toy Box or
yell Mine! to take over your opponent's Toy Box so he has nowhere left
to sew up the wounded.

Game Overview

Puppet Wars is a game for 2 to 4 players. This box contains enough
Puppets for 2 players. Additional Puppets and Puppet Decks are sold

Each player begins the game with a single Animated Puppet: the Master
Puppet. Over the course of the game, each Master will construct an army
of animated Puppets by making use of the Work Benches scattered about
the board.

Puppets are small-minded creatures. They resemble their living
counterparts but only have a slight memory of how to function once they
become animated, and sometimes they are confused about their roles. But
watch out! They’re vicious when organized into an army!

Puppet Wars lets you command a Puppet Army. Your goal is to destroy
the competition and protect your Master, while retaining control of
those valuable Work Benches. If ever your Master is killed, or you lose
control of all your Work Benches, you’ve lost… game over, no more fun.




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Mantic's futuristic Sci-fi Game Warpath is in stock

As is typical from a Mantic product you tonnes of stuff in the box;

  • 1 x FREE Forge Father Steel Warriors

  • 1 x Printed Warpath Rules

  • 10 x Plastic Forge Father Steel Warriors

  • 5 x Plastic Resin Forge Fathers with Heavy Weapons

  • 1 x Plastic Resin Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons

  • 40 x Plastic Marauder Grunts

  • BFG Heavy Weapons, Special Melee Weapons

  • Spare Heads, Grenades, Ammo packs and more

  • 1 x Plastic Resin Marauder Raptor

  • Mantic Guide

  • Loads of Mantic Points

  • Everything you need to play including Dice

Not too shabby for £42.50 (£50 R.R.P.)

Warhammer Fantasy: Storm (of Magic) in a Teacup

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I like Warhammer Fantasy - Id even go so far as to say I enjoy most games.

Yes, 40K, Warmachine & Hordes (and likely Monopoly) players out number us many to one, but hey, I love Beastmen, which are fairly unique to GW, so I stand by it.

But it is a pricey obsession - I totted up what I have spent in the last 3 months building a brand new Beastmen army from scratch - about 2500 points worth plus sundries... OUCH!

As such, the idea of going for a Apocalypse Storm of Magic scale army makes parts of my wallet and painting hand that I didnt know exist hurt.

Then a bolt of lightning hit me.... My fault for having a golf umbrella up in a storm really, but the recuperation period lead me to consider using 15mm models for Fantasy.

Use the same rules as Fantasy, with all distances modified accordingly, but scale up the battles on the cheap. Imagine the battles you could have in that scenario - the wealth of possible monsters at your command if in the same relative space and time frame of a normal WHFB 2K game you could play out a 4K game with mini models.

Its a bonkers idea, sure, but I would love to do it - it woudl be so much easier to dabble in other armies if it onyl took £100 for a 2k army over £500.

So I invite you all to consider the option and feedback - would you be up for it - if so, which army?

Do you know of particularly good 15mm mini ranges worth looking into?

Have you yourself done something this daft and have advise to pass on?

Any all I implore you - join the Storm (of Magic) in a Teacup!