State of Play – New Years Resolutions for 2012

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In 2011, on this here blog, I vowed to finish up the models I had before buying anything new. I was about 87% successful in that endeavour... If im generous... VERY generous...

But thats a record for me none the less, one I am still intend to best in 2012.

Looking at the suspected 2012 release listings (TAU! TAU! TAU!), I am setting myself the following resolutions:


Merry Gutsmas!

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Ho, ho, ho, merry Gutsmas to you all!

While we have been busy dispatching a lot of companies have been introducing new products. So here's a quick run-down of what you may have missed.

Scibor's Sci-fi Templars arrived along with conversion kits, quirky Christmas Ogres and some random ornaments.

Tonnes of new Dystopian Wars products came as each faction received a heavy flyer, corvettes and gunships.


The complete 15mm Zveda  range arrived. Their models are only £2.75 and if you buy 10 you get one free.

Plastic Panzer IIIs and Stugs arrived from the Plastic Soldier Company.

2 new books arrived from Flames, Red Bear and Grey Wolf. They cover the late war period from a Soviet or German perspective respectively.

Lastly coming in later this week are new Privateer Press goodies including the the Circle Fulcrum and plastic Shocktroopers.

Something in the water perhaps?

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The battlesof the Iron Kingdoms are getting a digital installment, as are the deniziens of Confrontation's world.

Now Reapers Minis has annouced some cyber cloning of its IPs too:

Playnet Inc. announced today that it has completed a licensing agreement with table-top game and miniature figure creator Reaper Miniatures to acquire exclusive rights to use all IP associated with two of their table-top games for use in design of video games. The license includes world-wide publishing rights for PC-based, online or console platforms to any video game based on "CAV: Strike Operations" and "Reich of the Dead." Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The agreement includes the exclusive rights for the titles, logos, storyline and back stories, comics, rule sets, art work, characters and other elements from the original tabletop games, "Combat Assault Vehicle" (CAV) released in 2000, "CAV2" and their upcoming "CAV-Strike Operations". It also includes the new table-top game, "Reich of the Dead", scheduled to be released in April 2012 by Reaper Miniatures.

sunday painting session

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Hey there guys. Are you tired of not having a painted army? Do you wish to improve your skills with a brush ?

Starting in the New Year, every Sunday I will be starting group painting sessions. Not only will you get the chance to show off your painting skills each week, we will be sharing painting techniques and tips so we can all get the best out of our miniatures.

All you need to do is bring down your paints, brushes and your latest project, grab a seat and paint.

Not only will you learn new skills but you get the chance to meet new people and even arrange to play games and share tactical tips.

So come down on a Sunday, kick back and get your Picasso on.



Christmas carnage reminder!

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hey there guys this is just a reminder that this Sunday is the hordes and warmachine doubles tournament.

The rules are simple its 50 points a team (25 each) and tier list are allowed.

Epic and prime casters in one army are not allowed (e.g. epic fiora and prime fiora)

Four rounds will be played to decide the winning team there will also be prizes for best painted battle group and single miniature. (armies do not have to be painted.)

There will be an entry fee of £5.00 per team,this will also be our last hordes and warmichine tournament of the year so i hope for a good turn out.

wrath and domination proxies are allowed providing you have the rules for the model.