Infantry Aces & Flames of War 3rd Ed Update

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As you may know Flames of War  3rd Edition comes out next month and Battlefront are offering veteran players a very nice new book for free!

On 11th of February you can collect a copy of on the new edition softback rulebook  from Tabletop Tyrant for free if you can do the following;

  • Inform us before 6/2/11 that you will be collecting your book from us (in-store, by phone; 0116 2533954 or by email;

  • Bring in a copy of your Flames of War hard back second edition rulebook on Saturday 11th of February (required) and your army if you fancy a game (optional).

The Cassino campaign we are starting this Wednesday will be run using the second edition rules throughout.

The Germans add more depth to the already formidable Gustav line


Flames of War – Your Infantry Ace

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One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Cassino campaign is creating your own warrior model called an Infantry Ace. During the campaign, you follow your warrior's story as he fights his way through the bloody battlefields of Monte Cassino.

Sean Connery in the Longest Day Your Infantry Ace is a company command team, replacing your regular first in command.  He retains the ratings and weapons of the team replaced. He is also a warrior (p78 of the rulebook).

Spiers from Band of Brothers As your Infantry Ace fights alongside your company he can earn medals which more importantly unlock new abilities.


State of Play – Build ’em up, knock ’em down…

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15th January 2012:

"Games Workshop, the maker of the Warhammer battle games, has demonstrated the benefit of its global strategy by delivering a 40 per cent leap in half-year pre-tax profits."

Part of this 'success' is due to the continued efforts to cut costs, as it appears overall, actual sales by volume where fairly static, which with the price rise means more income.

But a large chunk of this is being contributed to to the big wad of cash GW have just received from THQ for the games based on GW IP.

But either way, the juggernaut continues on, showing signs of promise in these dark ages, especially as THQ's games are well loved, and there are high hopes for Dark Millenium Online, the 40K based MMO.

London Evening Standard story is here.

And GWs statement to the investors is here. (pdf link - will download)

Then, 24 hours later....


Battle For The Riddermark

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Hey guys I know its been a long time waiting but the lord of the rings campaign is up and ready.

Players will need:

A 400 point army with two hero choices optional.

Dice and tapemesure.

Players will be split into two teams good and evil, there will be a map split into sections to represent the riddermark each player will control a section of the map.

Players from either side will then challenge one another to take control of each others territories the games will be played by scenario in the lord of the rings rule book.

At either side of the map each team will have a HQ they must defend the evil side will have Isengard the good side will have Edoras. once the opposing team reaches your HQ there will be a battle to determine the fate of the riddermark.

Either aid Rohan in there time of need or help fuel the white hand of Saruman and destroy the world of men.

the start of this campaign is sunday the 5th of February at 12pm.


Cassino – Infantry Aces Campaign

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Rome and Italy will remain in Axis hands unless the Monte Cassino is stormed.

Blocking the allied advance are elite German divisions, some hardened on the Eastern Front, some in Africa and others selected from the best of the best to form the elite Fallschirmjager.

Not only are there elite German formations equipped with the Latest Panzer IVs and Panthers blocking the route, there is the Rapido River, The Gustav defensive line and the Hitler defensive line. Both lines are deep and constructed with German precision.

Lastly there is the town of Cassino itself

Allied artillery bombardments have taken their toll on the Germans, but have made a a battlefield full of places for an infantryman to hide and spring deadly ambushes on the advancing allies.