trollkin battlewagon review

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What do you get when you combine two bison, half a boat, four wheels and a doomsday cannon?...

That's right nine points of troll kin awesomeness the war wagon.

Not only is it nice to look at the war wagon is kitted out with a ground pounding AOE 5 PWR 16 cannon that knocks down all who get caught under it, those who dare to stand up to its power and speed are swept away by two heavy bison with power 14 attacks with the line breaker special rule. (boosted to hit)

To get the most  out of a troll kin war wagon in my opion is not to go rushing it into combat this only leads to you getting counter charged and with it only being DEF 10 it can die quite easily this I have tried and it didn't end well, now the amount of fire power the cannon puts out is devastating so using the wagon to support your main forces looks to be a good idea, but oh no what if the cannon scatters backwards on to my army? nothing a bombers animus can fix, after knocking down your opponents forces this leaves easy work for units like champions.

All in all the war wagon has its strong points and there are still combinations I havnt tried but its still early days and there is still alot i need to learn what works with the wagon if anybody has any ideas or any questions please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and keep up the warfare.



Magic Games Day!

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Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the Dark Ascension Games day. It is £2.50 entry with prize support.

All entrants get a free special edition strangle-root geist and the top 8 receive a rare zombie apocalypse card.

Tournament starts at noon.

Hope to see you there!

Firestorm – The Oroshan Reborn

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Originally meant to be released as one of the first races (later replaced by the Relthoza I believe the story goes) the Oroshan looked like this:

Original Oroshan models - tad yawn inducing

But they have been redesigned and reborn, and as these new images show, they found some flair!

New Oroshan - very tasty!

For more, check out the Tabletop Fix blog entry or Spartan Games forums for the community's review on the images.

State of Play – Tau Perseverance

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With Mass Effect 3 out soon, which will sup away much of my free time for March, I am pleased to say I have managed to get on top of my hobby to do list to the point now where bar 2 Beastmen units (Mammothgor and 20 Gors) I have nothing to paint, am on to some basing work, most notably marking melee arcs on my Warmahordes collections.

I have added a new squad of 8 XV05 Firewarriors (old metal stealth suits without jump packs, for hazardous enviroments), 8 Pathfinder class drones, a new Pirahna-converted Tetra (the recent Tau Imperial Update gives them a BS 4 Heavy 4 Markerlight - YES PLEASE!) and 4 new Kroot, including a Games Day Kroot Shaper.

And to prove I have been a good boy, here are some 'good'  (by my previous standards) shots of most some of my recent Tau additions (click on for BIGGER image):


Privateer Press give us Christmas II

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In less than seven days we have had:

Colossals for Warmachine

Preview of the Hordes equivilants:War Room, the new all singing, dancing ang ass whooping app for WarmaHordes:

But now we also get all the following:

All new plastic starter boxes for all 4 main factions (sorry Minions...):

New Cryx Plastic jack kit, which includes something thats new: The Desecrator:

The silent tide conceals the inexorable advance of amphibious helljacks beneath the waves. Equipped with watertight furnaces, these terrible machines emerge from the depths to sow destruction on a horrific scale. The Leviathan leads the charge with its terrifying rapid-fire cannon, fueled by excess steam from its necrotite furnace. The Harrower cuts through horrified soldiers with its enormous claw, while its cannon fires incorporeal shells that pass through solid obstacles to impact its intended target in a necromantic conflagration. The Desecrator uses its alchemically charged cannon to spray corrosive fluid across a wide area while its whirring vivisector minces through flesh and steel at the murderous behest of Cryx’s generals.

Oh, and we also get the Skorne plastic heavy kits get their day in the sun, as well as the new Cyclop Raider:

They can't help but lavish us with things to look forward from now through to early next year, its brilliant - Its only February and I am already excited and saving towards Summer and X-Mas releases - I love it.

All I need now is a Ghetorix model preview and I think I'll be reaching for a cigerrete!

Privateer Press open the doors to the War Room

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Not only have the just blown us away with the Colossals details and Hordes teaser, but they then go an announce their game support app for iOS and Andriod - War Room.

Army listing, list sharing, core rules, stats, damage and effect tracking and more - if you love iBodger, you're gonna worship in the War Room.

Check the video below for more details:

Yo - GW - you taking notes?

Big – Bigger – Biggest – COLOSSAL

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I had planned to go into some hyperbole laden speech about my own thoughts on the latest announcement from Privateer Press, but I feel I can spout nothing to trump the feeling of just seeing it for yourself, so, ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce "Conquest":

Khador Colossal Warjack - "Conquest"

Once you've regained composure, check out the video below from Privateer Press.

It has images of the Cygnar and Khador colossases/colossi (wtf?) miniatures (we can't refer to them as miniatures, surely) and art for all four of them, plus a sneak peek at the cards for them.

Oh, and Hordes players, you still need to watch this, and not just for the whole 'Know thy enemy' kick - watch it right through to the very end...

Dark Ascension Release Events

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Dark Ascension Events

Sat 4/2/12 -  Sealed Deck with Prize Support. £18 for Entry & 6 Boosters

Sun 5/2/12 - Standard Tournament with Prize Support. 12pm Start £2.50 Entry

Sealed Deck Tournament Schedules

11am - 12 pm - Deck Building
12pm - 12.30pm  - Lunch Break
12.30 pm - Tournament Begins