GW Paints Conversion Chart

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A nice little thing to have saved somewheere - a complete list of all GW's new paints and their closest equivilants from the old range and other popular ranges such as Vallejo and P3.

Even has hex codes for the coders amongst you.

Magic the Gathering Events In April & May

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FNM -20/4/12 - Standard Tournament. £3 Entry with Prize Support. 7pm Start

FNM -27/4/12 - Standard Tournament. £3 Entry with Prize Support. 7pm Start

27/4/12 - Avacyn Restored Sealed Deck Pre-release. £18 for entry and 6 boosters. Hellvault Support. Midnight Start

28/4/12 - Avacyn Restored Sealed Deck Pre-release. £18 for entry and 6 boosters. 11 am start

29/4/12 - Avacyn Restored Sealed Deck -2 Headed Giant.  £14 for entry and 4 boosters. 11 am start.  Hellvault Support

20/5/12. Commander Tournament. £40 Cash Prize for Winner. 10.30 am start. £5 Entry.

For more information of to buy event tickets contact us on 0116 2533954 or

Tyrants & Heroes – Tau Hazardous Environment Cadre

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Responding to disturbing reports of a recent Blood Ravens incursion in Tau space, Shas'O Shadow Nova and Hazardous Environment Cadre have been dispatched to investigate.

This army has been rebuilt, repainted and rethemed several times over the last 10 years - a real labour of love.

Most notable entries are:

  • The home made Barracudas, Remoras and Tetras

  • Using old metal XV15 Stealthsuits as Hazard Suited Firewarriors

  • Converted Pathfinder class Drones with a Harbinger class Devilfish (homage to DoW:DC)

  • The Cold One based Knarloc Rider conversions (built and donated by Jodi Knight)

  • My simple but favourite conversion - using flying bases for Shield Generator fields

  • My themed objective pieces - my HQ support atromech, Hammerhead Commander and Air Caste crew

  • Having the nerve to look at the FW Shas'O R'Myrs model and thinking he needed more guns if he was to be my army commander

Been a while since any the army saw combat so will be interesting to see what I can do with it against newer codexes.

Mechtastic Guard in the making

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As we all do, I have a want list of models so long Ron Jeremy would baulk at the sight of it, but my New Years Resolution has been to completely finsh a set of models before moving on to buying the next set, and I have been good.

With only, I have 5 Khador minis awaiting their Microart bases, and then but an evenings work to paint them, I will soon be free to start the next project.

I have decided that my next project will be a slow build up towards a new Guard army for 6th Ed - New Edition/New Army kick - but I needed a suiatbly epic model to capture my imagination to do it, and last week I found it...

Strider (left) & Stomper (right)

I plan on picking the above models from Micropanzer - 3 Amakuadri Striders for a Sentinel unit, and 2 of the new but likely limited run of Amakudari Stompers as Leman Russ stand ins - likely 1 Vanquisher and 1 Punisher.

For troops, its a close call between Mantic Corporation Marines and Pig Iron System Troopers (the first are cheaper, but the latter will fit better)

All I need then are three Forge World Tauros like models and a list built around them and Creed, as I intend to really make use of the Guard orders system.

So as well as showing off cool toys I have found, I am looking for suggestions from folks for where I could source suitably fitting Tauros equivilants to fit with my Big Stompy Robots, also, I will have 1 Valkyrie to go with the one planned Bastonne lead Veterans unit - any suggestions for a suiatble 3rd party vehicle for the Valkyrie also welcome.

A Tale of Tyrants and Heroes

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allow me to introduce the first post of the tyrants tale of gamers.

after a discussion with the gaming group we decided that we wanted our 40k armies to fight it out in style and the best way to do that is get them painted, so a gauntlet was throw as a group we would paint our target armies and then have a royal rumble at the end.

being the crusader for the cause i decided i will drop  the army bomb first

we start of with my army of HQ's

my elites


fast attack


heavy support

as you can see i have a lot of stuff and it just keeps growing so i get over run

so my pledge is to get all my army done by the end of the tale of gamers and if i get it done before may 20th i will get my reward of one of these baby's