Tale of X 40k Gamers 3/5/12 Meet

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I have come up with some rules for people playing 40k this Sunday. They should work if you want to buff out your points or have some detailed characters on the battlefield.

I got the idea when I read the tales of Honsou from the Iron Warriors. He seems to single handedly dispatch units of men and marines and only take minimal damage in return. While other unnamed Iron Warriors die around him. So give your Marines a name, and therefore a chance to survive on the 40k battlefield!

The information below will work for things such as marines, Tau Crisis suits, orks and larger nids. However, it is not intended for normal men or or tau as they do not have a super human toughness.

Named Character Marine Damage Chart

You must name your character if they do not already have a name. To give them access to the named character charts it costs 40 points plus 20 points per fate counter (detailed later). I recommend you have a scrap of paper to note down the characters name and any damage they have taken.

Named Characters may attack any model they can reach as per the normal  combat rules (even squad leaders). Otherwise they count as independent characters.

When the named marine is hit roll wound, amour saves, invulnerable saves as normal. Do not roll feel no pain! If the marine is wounded the roll a d6 to see where the marine is wounded. Finally roll to see the extent of the damage below.


Flames of War – Operation Market Garden!

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?30/5/2012 Operation Market Garden Begins!

This will be a 5 week Late War campaign using the Flames of War Firestorm rules

All you need is 1000 points to play. However, the rules let the combatants decide if they would like to play larger or smaller engagements. 

Battles can be played whenever and wherever so if you play outside the store simply email us at tabletoptyrant@gmail.com with the result. Every Wednesday Dustin, Kurt and a bunch of other Commanders will be down the store scraping it out. There will also be a couple of Sunday Games days, dates to be announced. 

For more information on how it all works ask Dustin. The firestorm rules look great. Here are a few highlights;

Reinforcements ranging from infantry squads to 4 shermans and a firefly (or a Kingtiger if you are German) coming to your aid. 

Supply Lines- keep them clear of the enemy or you can find yourself losing 20% of your army 

Themed battlefields

Allied Air superiority!

Poor allied intelligence. Monty and his men believed there was only one reluctant reserve division defending Holland. This information was correct 7 days earlier, but by the time the allies launched Operation Market Garden the Germans had 7 divisions including 2 elite SS and 200 armored units. 

Lastly I am looking for an allied General to be in charge of reinforcements and general strategy. Any takers? You do not have to be present every week, but 3 out of 5 at least.

A Gathering of Fools and Heroes

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on the 3rd of June the first event for the tale of tyrants is to take place this shall be a named character event ( with rules made by Dustino)

what you need is 1000pts of your best clad warriors to battle it out on the tabletop,

and will shall sort out the clowns from the grey knights.



Firestorm – Rules 2.0 & Rense System Navy get a full release

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Spartan Games are hard at work again, with an expansion for Dystopian Wars called Hurricane Season, and a new hardback rule book for Firestorm Armdada with a complete and more clear rule set, revised for all the playtesting, errating and so forth.

But that is actually eclipsed by the fleshing out of a much loved 'bad guy' fleet, the Rense System Navy, or RSN.