Ogre Class Combat Walker

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I present the latest in urban warfare cybernetics:

The Ogre Class Combat Walker

This is going to be my Dreadnought for my Space Wolf based Mercenary force I am working on in the run up to 6th Ed.

It is based on a design I saw online, but modified for my personal taste, and in such a way that all the parts of it come from just the following 3 kits:
Ironclad Dreadnought
Aegis Defence Line
This made is easier and cheaper to source and build.

I am particularly happy with the Sentinel missle launcher fwhere the sarcophagus normally goes - looks like a good utility launcher - hunter killers, smoke launchers, frag assault launchers... What ever you need, it can carry.

Storm Raider conversion completed

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Here are some shots of my ready-to-paint 'Storm Raider' conversion:

This uses a Storm Raven, the Chapterhouse Storm Raven extension kit (I DO NOT reccommend btw unless you very happy at fixing poor casts), a few bits from a Stormtalon and some plasticard (oh, and yes, greenstuff a plnety to try and tidy up after the poor castings)

I am happy with it, and a good lick of paint will hide many of the blemishes.

Next up is to make it a landraider sized scenic base for it.