Blood and Oil – Sunday 26th August

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Sunday 26th of August Tabletop Tyrant will be hosting our quarterly tournament Blood & Oil.

Players will need two 50pt list with up to 10pts of reinforcements, models don't have to be painted but have to be the model they represent. (so no proxies).

The tournament will be played under steamroller 2012 rules and scenarios, which are for this event;

  • close quarters,

  • outflank outfight outlast 

  • demolition. 

Players will have 12 minute turns, for more details on the scenarios visit or type in steam roller 2012 into a search engine.

The shop will open at 10.30 ready to start at 11.00 players must have copies of both lists

Yes,  Colossals are allowed!

Entry is to be confined, but should be below £5 (depends how much the steamroller medals are this year).

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