Damocles & Thunderfire

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The pilot is into my Golem Battle Frame, but I am still mid move so all my paints are still packed.

That left me but one option - buy and build another kit 😉 (There goes my New Years Resolution of Paint One/Buy One)

Shes not the prettiest of vehicles at first glance, but once built, the core chassis is actually very sleak. I have scraped back all the detail on the stain glass enclosure next to the pilot to be bare armour, and it looks even better.

The plan is to mount a land raider hatch & radar where the assault cannon gunner was crammed, and mount a Forgeworld Air Defense Command Platform on the back:

And hey presto - Damocles Command Speeder (using all rules for the standard Rhino version of course)

But the last Thunderfire cannon I am not so set about yet...

I know I want it as a walker, as I have avoided tracked vehicles so far, and think a walking platform would look better than anti-grav (Ant - I am still going to find a home for your idea though - something naturlly more lithe maybe)

To that end, I have 2 sets of Ironclad Dreadnought legs and a base for the chassis. But its the actual cannon part Im unusre of.

I like the idea of showing it was more of a MIRV launcher rather than mortar, and ideally would use the FW Excorcist launcher:

Only they don't sell them seperate anymore.... Grrr...

Alternative include the puppet wars equivilant:

Or an extended Valkyrie missile pod:

So I invite feedback and ideas, suggestions and thoughts, as I not sure which way to go with it...

1-2-2013 - I got lucky on eBay - I got a Second Chance at an Exorcist Missile Rack so have managed to nab one, and at less than FW did sell it seperate, even with the p&p from the US. Thats my Thuderfire sorted!

Golem Class Battle Frame

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After the roaring with laughter response to my Ogre class assault walker dreadnought conversion:

I have once again let myself loose on the Imperium's beloved tech to build something special for my slowing growing Space Wolf/Space Marine alliance.

This time around, I am working on a Contemptor stand in, based on the Dreadknight chassis, currently dubbed the Golem class Battle Frame.

The main design aim was for an enclosed cockpit, and a pose more akin to the Scouts I have used for my Power Armoured Space Marines. The weaponary is also more subtle than the standard Dreadknight gear.

Here are some pics to show where it is now (forgive the quality - mini photography still not my forte):

It will be armed with a Kheres Assault Cannon, Close Combat Arm with Heavy Flamer and Cyclone Missile Launcher - a good versatile load out I feel. The arms are done, I just need the Cyclone, but I have the parts for a dry fit of what I want to do.