Tau – For the Greater Good GAWD!

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My name is Fenriryan, and I am screwed - Tau are getting updated.

New tau codex
Farsight is back!

Someone has managed to scan and distribute some colour images from WD, which can be found at my favoured info source Faeit212

I will save you the gushing over my love of the Riptide (I like big mechs and I cannot lie...) and Shark aircraft (though where are my plastic Barracuda or Remora?), but instead voice something I think this release heralds that we should all be aware of.

The trend towards large centerpiece models continues, hand in hand with flyer models. Thats fine, they look good, and its relatively balanced to give each army something of this ilk.

But the prices - good GAWD what happened there!

£50 for Riptide - the Dreadknight is only £33! Yes, its big and impressive, and you'll likely only get one, but the same can be said about the Dreadknight and Mawloc.

This movie could easily be about a Dreadknight vs a Mawloc - I smell a lawsuit!

£30 for a SINGLE Broadside! Yes, they are now 60mm based models, but you now what - we didn't need a new Broadside. Certainly not one that means we all have to rebase our current ones, if not replace them entirely. Given Broadsides were a money spinner for GW, as every Tau player had at least 3 if not 6 or 9, and under new Allies system, they were very popular anti tank allies. Why the fish to the face like this?

The Crisis Suits are remaining priced roughly as they were, only know they are only available in a box of 3 for £45 rather than £15 a pop. Not too bad I guess, but then compare them to Killa Kans, Khorne Juggernauts, Raveners and other similar options. They are £27-£33 for 3, and some of them were new sculpts when released as tripled up plastic kits. Crisis suits have not been redesigned that we are aware of, so why have they not been brought into line with similar units?

So whats it all mean? Have GW lost the plot? Are they trolling Tau players?

Hell no - it's April folks - new Tax year, new price rise - I would stake my Talissira bonding knife on it. As such, these could well be the bench marks for where all similar units will jump to.

If this is true, it will be interesting to see how many people jump out of GW. No, I am not saying that the sky is not falling, but it would be fair to say that its cracking.

For the price of a single Riptide, someone could pick up a MERCS gang and rulebook. A unit of 3 Broadsides could be a Warmachine battlegroup box, an extra heavy, a full unit with UA and a solo.

I know that for me personally I had already called day on any new GW armies - I have a Xenos (Tau) and a generic 3++ collection, but its starting to get too much to upkeep them too. Sure, I'll keep playing what I have, but that will be it - no more purchases short of new edition rules/codex due to their inherent necessity.

I have drawn a line on the sand, and if Tau are a benchmark of whats to come, will you do so also or stick it out a little longer?

New Tau Empire Codex 2013
New Tau Empire Codex 2013


Privateer Press Releases for April 2013

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Privateer Press Releases for next month (Prices are the RRP);


PLASTIC 33076 Khador Greylord Cavalry Outriders (5) Inc PLASTIC 48.95
PLASTIC 33096 Khador Winter Guard Rifle Corps (10)  was 33068 PLASTIC 39.95
PLASTIC 74069 Skorne Cataphract Cetrati (6)  WAS 74013 14    PLASTIC 44.95
99109 Machinations Anomaly League Event Kit (Poster Medal & 8 Patches (29th Apr) 17.95
99110 Machinations Anomaly League Reinforcement Kit 4 Patches 6.95
24th APRIL 2013
UNIT BOX 35051 Retribution Mage Hunter Infiltrators (10) 32.95
BLISTER 71070 Trollblood Epic Hunters Grim (3) 25.95
BLISTER 74071 Skorne Epic Makeda & Exalted Court (3) 19.95
To Be Decided
PLASTIC 74066 Skorne Gargantuan Mammoth  RESIN 94.75
409 IK Game Master Toolkit 22.75
60007 Bodgermania Card Game 17.95
60009 Bodgermania Launch Kit (Scalding Scale Pepper PROMO card) 106.75

Events This Weekend

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This Saturday we have a Modern Magic Tournament 11.30 start with 12 proxies (cards pretending to be another) allowed.

Sunday is the pre-release for Comic Style (Vanguard) entry is £13.50 which gets you 6 boosters to build your deck and entry.

Model Magpies Not-so-Annonymous

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Hi all - my name is Fenriryan and I am a recovering Model Magpie.

But what is a Model Magpie - its what every gamer is at heart, but tries to avoid being. You see the new shiney toys and all you can do is stare and yearn for it (and block out the sound of your wallet/other half crying out).

Its likely the most dangerous urge of a gamer, possibly a close second to table flipping in rage (though a rceent discussion of uber store flipping in rage may alter that order further)

I like a varied palatte - 40K, Fantasy, Necromunda, Malifaux, Bloodbowl, Firestorm Armada, Warhammer Quest, Infinity, Kill Team. I am proud of every collection, but I have so many that alot of it simple doesn't see any table time. Yet for each system I have a backlog of hobby work to do, and a list of minis that have triggered the primal Magpie within.

And with the slew of Kickstarter projects too, I feel guilty as I can barely support what I have, and yet there is more coming out that I would like to support - Dropzone Commander & MERCS, I'm looking at you...

As a result, every 6 months I would sit down and realise what I have left on my workbench, have a serious guilt trip over it, then storm through most of it amd burn my self out.

As such, starting 2012, I decided to start following the Paint One, Buy One (POBO) philosophy... Ive slipped of the wagon a few times, but I always find my way back to it, and my backlog is greatly reduced from where it was (if I don't count the entire 2.5k of Beastmen who need basing).

I hope that by the end of the year I will be clean and resolute in my strict adherance POBO.

So thats my story - my name is Fenriryan and I am a recovering Model Ma... Ohh... Archangel. DAMMIT!