Dragon’s Maze Pre-release Weekend

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We have a busy weekend coming;

Friday 4pm Start Modern FNM £3 entry
Friday 7pm Start Standard FNM £3 entryAfter our FNMs we then have
27/4/13 @ 00.00 (Midnight) Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

27/4/13 @ 11.00 am Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

27/4/13 @ 19.00 (7pm) Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Sealed Deck Event

28/4/13 @11.00 am Pre-release. £19.50 for entry and 6 boosters. Two Headed Giant Sealed Deck EventFor all events you have 45 mins to build your deck.

We have 18 of each Guild box available. If you pay in advance you get to reserve your guild. Otherwise you can save a place for one of the above events by posting here.

If you do not pay in advance your ticket will be saved until 5 minutes before the tournament begins.

To buy your ticket please visit our retail store or email us at tabletoptyrant@gmail.com

Every Entrant gets a Mythic Rare land, Maze's End, in their Guild pact. However, it can not be used in your pre-release deck.

Tau Empire – Serving Suggestions

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Had enough about Tau yet... No? Greater Good - because here are some serving suggestions based on my many hours with my head stuck in the new codex.

I had intended to do a slot by slot review, but there are plenty already, and I wanted to try something a tad different, ato get the post stirring on what people think will be good unit builds, as with all the cool toys Tau have access to, its VERY easy to build some uber  death star unit (Farsight, we are ALL looking at you), but points efficiency is a must, especially to take advantage of dual FoC if thats how you swing.

And in all options, Markerlights help, so I won't mention them beyond this, as Markerlights make eveything better!

Now its a long one, so you grab a drink and settle in... (more…)

Tau Empire – now with more added Greater Good

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As a Tau player since their release in 2001 I have enjoyed seeing their evolution, both as an Empire and as a playable force, and this release was a successful continuation for both.

To show off the new advances in Tau technology, here are some unboxing videos (my first time doing these - quite enjoyed, though plenty to learn I am sure.)

NB - both videos are currently undergoing stabilisation on Youtube so the shakes will be reduced in the near future

Sun Shark / Razor Shark dual flyer kit Unboxing

Riptide Battlesuit kit:

And here are some images of the kits built:

NB - the Riptide is missing his Shield Generator as I will be doing a slight alteration that requires it to be painted seperately

I will have them painted up shortly, of that I have no doubt! So watch out for that and my review of each FoC slot coming soon.

April 8, 2013 by Fenriryan