Only Scum & Villany need apply!

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There is talk of a new expedition into the great wilds of Warhammer World in search of riches, fame, or may be this time, infamy and power!

Plans for a monthly sunday run Warhammer Quest are under discussion, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details.

Beware though - this is to be no picnic - this will not be some do-gooding mission - we are looking for cutthroats, theives and outcasts to join a mercliess merc warband in a journey of blood, fury and ultimate power!

We already know that a rogue wizard and a beastmen bounty hunter have been spotted in the area...

All interested, comment with your name, chosen character class and a short bio about your character

All GW classes are allowed inc. all from Journels, Deathblows, WDs and Mail-Order only Packs.
If using a fan made class, post a link ot the source of it and it will be vetted by a GM before accepting (sorry - but there are soem shockingly bad and horrifically OPed classes out there)

5 thoughts on “Only Scum & Villany need apply!

  1. ahh good old quest,

    with it being a sunday thats me out due to work, how ever I do have a load of files:

    chaos warrior
    bret knight
    witch hunter

    if you want any let me know,

  2. By Khorne,
    its going to be good, i enjoyed it last time
    I was a poncy elf last time, so i think this time i,ll shall be a champion of the great powers

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