Kurak Alliance R&D Squadron “Dark Matter” reporting

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Wolf Watchwatcher 2

The latest addition to the Kurak Alliance fleet "Dark Matter" Squadron - a unit of 3 Terran Shield Cruisers

You can also see in the background my wing tokens - Dystopia Wars Prussian small flyer tokens painted to match the card token colour coding - 10 red assaulters, 10 green bombers and 12 yellow interceptors - I dont see any point in taking fighters when these three are ace at what they are designed for.

In a few months Im gonna pick up 4 Aquan Heavy Cruisers and 6 Brethern Corvettes (they are DIRTY little ships) and then see what new Kurak vessels get released.

Full fleet images coming soon

I think this Ex-GW staffer may have finally found his game to call home - all Im waiting on now is Firestorm Invasion for 15mm Sci-Fi action and Im sorted!

PS - due to the eternal battle with the "hotdogs versus hotdog buns" effect, I have 2 spare Sorylian Frigates and a spare Terran Shield Cruiser - new owners wanted.

Wolf Watcher 1

3 thoughts on “Kurak Alliance R&D Squadron “Dark Matter” reporting

  1. They’re yours Ross.

    I can send it via Stef or hold them or post them out (office SmartStamp for the win)

    Just let me know.

    The shield cruiser is still going for £2.50 (sorry, but at £7.50 for two, wanna make something back on it)

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