Two weeks of something exotic

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Plans are for some out of the ordinary gaming for the next 2 weeks:

Wednesday 4th May is going to see atleast 4 Malifaux crews taking to the streets for some turf wars - Arcanists, Resurrectionists, Neverborn and Guild have all confirmed their attendance for the showdown. The more the merrier!

Wednesday 11th May we go to Inifinty.. and no further! Why would you look further than the dynamic models and tense gaming expereince that Inifinity provides. So for all those with starter boxes but no clue, come down for a crash course in what Newton really meant with his Third Law of Motion....

3 thoughts on “Two weeks of something exotic

  1. Sounds good. I’d already forgotten when we organised it for so thanks for the reminder! lol

    Can i point out that its better if the Infinity games are played one on one…not multiplayer games (which is what your post suggests). I’ll be on hand to provide whatever help I can to whichever games are being played.

    If you like, you could all play the scenario I did for the guys last night? Seemed to work quite well for a starter box game.

  2. Apols – gaming on-on-one to start with is best – I remember what happened last time….

    It will be duel games focusing on getting used to the core system for that day, then we can start adding mroe sepcial rules from there on.

  3. Id like to say thanks to all that took part in the first Exotics night.

    I know we went Magpie when the movie trailers were being shown (Transformers 3 looks AWESOME btw), but we did see some good solid examples of combats, casting, triggers and damage flips, which was what was really wanted, as well as us all getting to see 6 totally different crews in action for variety (Hoffman also looks AWESOME – there’s just something about ass kicking mechs….).

    Im am up for more Malifaux, but one on one next time so we can actually get through a game :-D, so in 3 weeks time Ill be looking for someone to face the Wrath of Rasputina (if you saw what happened with the one offensive spell she cast all game, you’ll know why Im in love).

    But next week is Inifinty. 4 people inc. me have confirmed, and thats just right. It will be 2 1-on-1 games with assistance from Iridium Fire who is the veteran for the night.

    Same kinda thing – focus on the core mechanics, add special rules as and when we feel we have the grasp for it.

    Im also looking forward to playing Dustino at Epic the week after – having actually watched it and asked questions about it (cheers Blighted & Dustino for letting me bend your ears) I now feel more compelled to give it a go

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