And so the Legion of Doom is formed….

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Our Quest Group has now been finalised, and each one of our 8warriors is a dark hearted and manevolent being with desires and goals kept close to their heart....

  • A Pestigor, foul denizen of the Drakwald now blessed by Nurgle (Warpwolf Fenrir)

  • Not one but two Chaos Warlocks with more interest in blasting than healing (Sonny and Brandon)

  • A Rogue Witch Hunter looking for vengeance (Penfold)

  • A Chaos Warrior seeking glory in battle and the spilling of blood (Blighted)

  • A Chaos Maruader Barbarian who follows where the Warriorleads, reveling in the pillaging (Lee Snr)

  • A Chaos Dwarf looking to settle old Grudges (Lee Jnr)

  • A Skaven who has yet to reveal what clan he is from (Kurtle the Turtle)

Together they will raid & pillage, carving a bloody swathe across the Old World in the serach for a little dictatorship to call their own!

The first game is going to be on Sunday 26th June from 11:00 and will be a good chance to size up the competition - gauge the biggest threats ad keep the close to axe....

All characters will be rolled on the day, so no funny business! Bring your own supply of D6 dice, some scrap paper, you choice of wound counter, your model and a pen/cil. If you're a non standard char (ala Fenrir's Pestigor) bring all your character rules too. Fenrir will provide the rest.

And there is a competition for the best character model also, so give your it all!

I also invite everyone taing part to post a comment giving everyone a quick intro about your character - who are they, whats their story, and whats their utlimate goal?

2 thoughts on “And so the Legion of Doom is formed….

  1. Hi guys,

    It’s good to see some fellow Quest fans enjoying the game once more.

    I was referred here by Dustin & am looking for support for my Free Warhammer Quest Campaign. I’ve already messaged or emailed as many gaming clubs & Quest fan-sites as possible & hope you guys can do what you can to back the campaign. Here are the links:

    If you have any questions (I am trying to find out if GW still has the rights or if they sold them to Fantasy Flight) then you can contact me at:

    Thanks again & happy questing!

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