Apocalyptic Battle Report

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Nikolai Constantine should have felt relieved. His first mission after being elevated to the ranks of an Inquisitor had been successful. It had been hard; he had lost many of his men and with the assistance of the Grey Knights, the Cult had been eliminated. All that was left now was to reach the co-ordinates required to exfiltrate via teleportation and leave this planet to be dealt with by the Imperial Guard.

So what was putting him at unease?

As the surviving members of the Kill Team moved through the compound, the realisation came as to what disturbed Nikolai. That scratching feeling at the back of his mind. Something was coming, and it was coming from the warp.

That’s when the call came across the vox. “Warp portals opening ahead of us Inquisitor” Justicar Balius announces calmly. It still feels strange to be addressed in such a way from one of the mighty Astartes of the Grey Knights., even more so by a Justicar wearing an honoured suit of Terminator armour.

“Well, it would appear our recent mission hasn’t gone unnoticed”.

“And here was me thinking it had been too easy” Nikolai replies, hoping the arrogance of the comment hides his true feelings as to what is to come. More men shall die here before we leave this place’ the inquisitor thinks to himself....

So, hopefully that sets the scene for this Kill Team Battle Report. Myself and Will decided to pit our forces against each other on Thursday night at the Phat Cats club...and what a battle it turned out to become!! The denizens of the Warp facing off against their greatest human enemy, the Ordo Malleus and their Grey Knights.

It has been a long time since I’ve had such a fun game. If anything, this battle pretty much summed up what I believe Kill Team to be about...story driven and thematic. Not playing in a way that allows you to win in the fastest and dirtiest way possible, but in a way that would feel right if it were happening for real. In this sense you do things in the game you wouldn’t do in a typical game of 40k...Read on and you shall see.

Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the game, I forgot to take pics of everything that was happening, but the cool parts should be here.

First off, the scenario. We rolled for scenario 5 – Evacuate, but after reading how it worked we felt it needed some tweaking. I won’t go into what we changed here, but the pic below shows how we set things up. Myself being the ‘defender’ that had to evacuate starting in a small corner and needing to get as many of my team to the Extraction Point on the hill in the centre of the table, and Will being the ‘attacker’ starting in the bigger corner opposite. I say starting, but with his Daemons, this is where he was allowed to place three of his Portals.

The Compound

The Battle:

Will started by rolling his reserves as per his current codex specific rules, and although only about a third of his team arrived on turn 1, some BIG hitters materialised from the ether. This included his Team Leader (unfortunately I forget what this is...but it looks awesome!), a Bloodletter and a Juggernaught of Khorne!! Will then promptly decided he wanted the Juggernaught to start charging through the terrain pieces, making dangerous terrain tests as the beast knocked barriers aside, as can be seen below:

The Juggernaught

This was great! Added a funny element to the game and felt right as that’s probably how a Juggernaught would attack the enemy! Unfortunately for me, it turned out this particular beast was a Berserker (as is fitting for a disciple of the Blood God), and quickly proceeded to fleet across the table towards my own Kill Team!


This shows how far ahead he got of his own forces!


More destruction of scenery!

Now, at this point I had decided to shift my advance to my left flank. This would put me right in the charge path of the Khorne warriors, but I was no Imperial Guard Conscript...the Grey Knights fight Daemons with no fear for they are the Hammer of the Emperor! However, the Juggernaught had obviously sensed there was something else in the enemy ranks that needed dealing with...and that was my Team Leader, an Inquisitor.

Bring it

The Juggernaught clashed hard through the defensive barrier taking my Inquisitor by surprise...but fortunately his Tech Guard Guardian leapt to his defence. Alas though, the fight was short lasting as the mighty steal beast made short work of both the opponents. Furious Charge is not a very nice ability to deal with!!


So, onto the evacuation. As I’ve said, I was pushing up the left flank, but now had a serious threat within my midst. I had the option to turn everything around and take this out, which is what I would do in a normal game, or do what would probably actually happen. My heavy support, which was a Terminator armed with a Psycannon decided to sacrifice himself to hold off the enemy while the rest of the team escaped...the Grey Knight said his prayers to the Emperor and charged in. The expected doom never came though, and even after receiving help from a couple of Daemonettes, the valiant Grey Knight prevailed as the victor!

The battle to reach the evac point was now becoming frantic as Wills reserves had now all arrived. He had set up his Horrors in a commanding position on top of the crates to my right, but I now had to deal with Bloodletters and Plague Bearers to my left. This is where the real fun stuff started to happen...starting with a Stormtrooper taking down a Plaguebearer...in close combat!!

Plaguebearer down!

The dice in the pic above show exactly what Will rolled. Starting with his armour save to the left, followed by his Feel No Pain save in the middle, and finally his Gone to Ground roll to the right...death! Much laughter was had by all at this result!

Suffice to say, the combats that were happening really slowed down my escape, so much so that only one Marine managed to escape via teleportation!

Eventually the daemons managed to take out both the Stortroopers and the Grey Knights left on the table...all but one. The remaining daemons decided he had to be taken out no matter the cost. Even being called back to the warp would not stop them, but the remaining Grey Knight was no normal marine, he was the Terminator that survived his earlier sacrifice! Charging forwards with undulating screams the daemons outnumbered him...but this is what happens when you take on a veteran of fighting the hidden wars of the Imperium:

Double Fisted!

The dice showing the comparative rolls...ouch!!

The Final Result:

So, after a hard battle, and a LOT of laughs, the victor was...the Inquisition!! I managed to get one Grey Knight Marine to the evac point, and the Terminator ended up mopping up the remainder of the Daemons. He started off pretty poorly, but ended up being particularly awesome!!

Emperors Finest!

I can’t complete this write up without mentioning a particular member of my team though. The Sniper. Unfortunately, he was so stealthy I actually forgot he was there, hence why he didn’t even fire his rifle for about 3 turns! He also missed every shot he did fire...except the last. This ended up being the Kill shot he’s been waiting for as it took down the last Daemon standing with a Rending hit...this then allowed the Grey Knight to mop up the stain on the floor with a short decisive burst from the Psycannon.

I do believe the Sniper had managed to avoid my thoughts due to the lessons he had obviously taken from the Master of Stealth...Solid Snake!

"Huh...what was that noise??"

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Battle Report. I also hope it has given you some inspiration for your own games. We found by doing something a little out of the ordinary, or something that we wouldn’t normally do in a full 40k game made things a lot more enjoyable. That and watching Wills face when he’d look at my dice rolls, calculate the numbers, and then realise that once again his daemons had failed!! Haha!

Brother Balius stood in the centre of the battlefield. The mists were descending, and with it more enemies would come. If death were to come to him now he would meet it gladly with bolt and blade. His role had been cast and although the cost was great, his job had been successful. Brother Davus had reached the teleportation co-ordinates and gotten word to the fleet...the planet was unable to be saved. He was saddened a little by this knowledge as he knew what the outcome would be. Exterminatus.

Balius could hear the screeching in the mists. The great enemy was obviously displeased and was sending more fiends to take him as a prize. A smile creased his grizzled features beneath his ornate helm...no Grey Knight would be a prize. As the daemons moved in closer Brother-Justicar Balius roared what he assumed would be his final words...


8 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Battle Report

  1. Awesome match! That’s going to be remembered for good while.

    On playtesting note, how do you rate the scenario – suggestions welcome.

  2. John, we had to change it dramatically because it made little sense from a balance and game perspective. To be perfectly honest what we played was quite far from the written scenario.

  3. In regards to the Scenarios I think that the focus should be moved away from over complicated objective placement methodologies and long winded explanations of already long winded and nonsensical Scenario winning conditions. And instead refocused on what would thematically or cinematically happen in for example an Evacuation Missions (such as the one played by Will and Spencer).

    I have noticed whilst reading through the Rules, Errata’s, Iconic packages and Prestige packages a tendency for over complication where instead a more simple approach to the posing of such textual documents would easier convey the intent without diluting the end result with flowery language.

    I feel perhaps to avoid the increasing trend of obfuscation creeping into the rules set (and also to a small extent the over-powered / under cultivated ideals that have resulted in ideas that have no basis in fluff expanding into game mechanics), that second and third parties should be enlisted to edit and reword the initial ideas.

    To a small extent this is already occurring as myself and Will are working on subsidial rule areas such as the Codex specific Icon and Prestige Packages, through this method the basic idea whether it be over or under developed can be altered accordingly.

    I am one of several players currently concerned with the increasing trend in complication of the rules mechanics, where when as displayed in the game between Will and Spencer the simplest methodology is often the simplest.

    Occam’s razor should be in my opinion used to cull some of the content currently cluttering the mechanics which in turn impacts on the playability of the system – I am not suggesting base rule changes only clarifications that will remove a significant amount of the time spent negotiating the clunky version we are using now.

    1. jesus ross there are some REALLY big words in your reply…

      these are just some that impressed me…


      LOL 😉

  4. By all means, go ahead.

    Im no game writer, didnt expect this to be ideal, and always wanted mass third party input, so please, anything that you guys can do to in anyway bettrr anything, go for it!

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