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Tabletop Tyrant

Thank you for visiting the Tabletop Tyrant website.

If you love the wargaming hobby then Tabletop Tyrant is the place for you.

Tabletop Tyrant is a retailer and manufacturer of tabletop games and has been trading since January 2007. Our aim is to support the wargaming hobby in Leicester and bring value for money to the customer.

The majority of the products found in our store are sold at a discounted rate.

We stock Games Workshop, Hordes, Warmachine, Avatars of War, Vallejo, Firestorm Armada, Army Painter, Battlefoam, Kaiser Rushforth, Fantasy Flight, Mantic, Soda Pop Miniatures, Magic the Gathering (singles and sealed products), Cardfight Vanguard and much more! 

To see our full product catalogue and prices please visit our online distributor store www.GiftsForGeeks.org.uk

We also run FOUR gaming nights a week;

Mondays - Bolt Action

Tuesdays -Magic the Gathering Modern Tuesdays,

Wednesday - Tabletop Wargames Wednesdays & D&D

Friday - MTG FNM and Casual Wargames

On gaming nights we are open until 10pm. Please feel free to come down and use one of our 14 gaming tables or 10 card game tables

Once a month we run larger events such as Apocalypse battles and Legendary battles.

To see what events we have running at the moment please click here!

Our Gaming tables are currently available 7 days a week. So whether you are a seasoned vet or just looking to start please feel free to come down.

directions to tabletop

Parking near to the store

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