Leicester All Scars

Leicester All Scars is an established table top gaming club based in Leicester. The club is well attended and the committee  without whom I am sure the club wouldn’t be where  it is today continue to organise popular events such as our flagship 5 day tournament and Crusaders of Light and Darkness Campaign.

We meet two Saturdays a month from 11am til 5pm at Tabletop Tyrants on Bedford Street South to play Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Bolt Action - you’ll love the facilities available to the club.

We also now meet every Monday night for Bolt Action too! Well done Paul for organising this!

At each event we have homemade cakes, competitions promoting the different aspects of the hobby and in game prizes.

Everyone is welcome and the doors are open to anyone with an interest in table top gaming so come on down and pay us a visit. If you want to sign up to an event or keep up with club notices so you don’t miss a thing visit our Latest News Board on Facebook.

Feel free to use the Discussion Board to ask questions and you can even trade with our members by joining our growing Trade Board.

Because we care about our members, after attending three events they receive a 10% discount on Table Top Tyrant products as well as in store new releases. They also receive a free dice bag made by the Dice Bag Lady. For every event you attend from then on you will receive a bead to add to your dice bag.

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