Tabletop Tyrant – The Brand

As well as a retail store Tabletop Tyrant has been working hard to make excellent and affordable Tabletop gaming accessories.

If you would like to purchase our cases online please CLICK HERE.  

Our most successful products have been the Tyrant and Dreadnought fabric cases.  

We have also now added to the range the Squire Plastic figure case and 2 new cardboard cases.

With the launch of the new cardboard case we have doubled the amount of foam trays we also supply from 10 to 20. So customers have an even larger selection of foam to fill their cases with. 

We also have our own dice, magnets and cardboard carry cases for cards. 

If you are interested in stocking the Tabletop Tyrant range please contact us at for more information. We cater to large volume distributors where we can change the logos and or dimensions to suit your requirements


It's an exciting time for Tabletop Tyrant, 2015 has seen us doing lots of research and we hope we will be able to provide some very interesting new products in early 2016. While we can not give too much away yet, but lets just say lots of dice and scenery is on the horizon.