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Here you can find the most up-to-date rules for our home grown version of Kill Team, which draws ideas from no less than 7 sources that we can see so far, including Necromunda, various versions of 40K and even Warmachine, plus alot of new material of our own twist.

Read it and let us know what you think - the more inpt we get, the better we can make this. Plus, we'd love to see photos of your Kill Teams, as who doesn't love converting awesome models for their prized brawlers and support gunners....

Available Now (last updated 23-7-2011):

Also coming soon, the first expansion for Tyrants Test - Age of Strife.

Battle Brother fights Battle Brother during the age of heresy, starting alike but ultimately each choosing their own path, whether that of the Loyalist or the Heretic, and all that may come with such a destiny.

Choose your allegiance and hope you can hold in the the single greatest war to ever be fought!

12 thoughts on “Tyrants Test – Kill Teams

  1. Latest versions are up of:
    * Core Rules – General bits – Beastmaster got clarified and balanced for example
    * Codex Specific Errata – Codex specific Beatsmaster rulings plus Tau Errata cleaned and refined
    * Sceanrios – I have literally rewritten the ENTIRE document. They are varied and cool missions, some quick ideas of boarding missions using Space Hulk board pieces, and the main missions will soon be added to with ‘local conditions’ table. Please check it out, use it and feedback about it

    What you do you all think of the current rules for melee combat, as they seem to have strayed from Necromundas into something else.
    I have heard feedback that combats mire too fast and that they arent as decisive as intended.
    I have a plan for that:
    If you are forced to Go to Ground during combat and there are no friendly models in the same combat who are not Gone to Ground, then all of you models are automatically OoA (the enemy takes advantage of you all being flat on the ground and finishes you off)
    If you are foced to Go to Ground during combat and there is atleast 1 friednly model in the same combat who has not Gone to Ground, then they distract the enemy from finishing you off, so you remain Gone to Ground and defend yourself as normal next turn.

    So in a one on one, it is mostly likely gonna be shorter and bloodier!

    Basically – if your all down, your all out!

    But before I go tweaking a core part of the game, I need feedback .
    Combat – would you like it more decisive as above, or are you happy as is?

  2. Can I make a request, can we please have the final rules pack once its all completed published as a PDF for easy of viewing and it locks the document down to a final version.

  3. Coops, the final version will be edited by me, adding visuals and examples.etc in a visual document editor (Adobe InDesign) and will be published as a stand-alone PDF.

  4. Jon, I was a good intro playing an intro game of Infinity and then this. Overall, lots of plus points, I really enjoyed my game against Lee. It was significantly different from standard 40k. The game mechanics worked well, but I have two ‘major’ concerns:

    1) The lack of ‘reaction’, introducing a reaction (alike to infinity) would be a step away from 40k, but is a core component of skirmish games. Infinity demonstrated how overwatch (or reaction) can change the dynamic of the game and force the ‘close combat monsters’ to be much more careful. At the moment, the lack of unit coherance makes it far too easy for close combat monsters to get into the enemy as cover is abundant. It would also (in a single blow) ruin the all-stealer list, as good placement and reaction shots would pepper the bastards on the way in – much more realistic. Keeping it simple, anything that moves into your line of sight can be shot at (1 shot, not 3 etc) on a successful initiative roll? Perhaps combining reaction with the camoflague rules from infinity would give us a good balance for facing genestealers.

    2)Close combat is a bit odd. The actual rolls all make sense (although the ‘i’m attacking, then you attack’ bit takes some getting used to and could be streamlined), the problem is the OoA roll is far too forgiving and further buffs powers weapons (as they truly instant kill). My feeling is that if a Tyranid Warrior smacks a Scout and effectively ‘kills him’ then the scout shouldn’t get a ‘FNP’ roll of 1-3 carry on fighting at -1 this turn…. my suggestion would be that the scout should GtG, and that the Warrior should have the choice of either finishing the fight (with the scout at -1 WS and Initiative 1 (because he’s on his back, stunned and on the ground), And with +1 on the FNP (sorry OoA roll), and that it gets cumulative, or leaving him. If the Warrior is bored of his opponent, he can choose to leave him (GtG) and walk on, like he’s just smacked him out the way.

    Apart from the above (which are big asks), we discussed power weapons/special weapons etc and my views. Basically everything that isn’t ‘standard’ weaponry adds to the power/special weapon allocation (says 50 points), which can be spent across the board. Certain weapons come free with the model, genestealers have rending claws and scouts and ratlings have sniper rifles. They can be very very effective, its a thought.

    1. 1) True, but I also wantr to avoid stepping on Inifinity’s toes by copying it so soon after discovering it.
      One idea I did have was to make Overwatch available to all Rapid Fire weapons, but when firing on Overwatch, the would only get 1 shot up to maximum range. It REALLY dont want to give it as a general rule, as overwatching Meltas and Lascannons would ruin the game.
      The only others than can Overwatch currently are models that take the Sniper Iconic Class, which is befiting for a seasoned Sniper.

      2) Yeah, from what others have said also, that is a stickler. It is one of the first items for review.
      Im considering:
      Remove current OoA system from combat (maybe even from shooting also)
      Instead run with:
      If you cause an unsaved wound on an opponent with a non-Power Weapon and its their final wound, they GtG.
      If you cause an unsaved wound on an opponent with a Power Weapon, and its their final wound, they are OoA.
      If at the end of the combat all your remaining opponent are GtG, you can either:
      a) Move up to 2″ to escape B2B contact
      b) You may make a single Coup de Grace attack against one GtG enemy in B2B (add rule for narrow chance of enemy rolling away and avoiding attack based on Initiative here)
      Short, simple, sadistic.

      3) Special & Heavy Weapons are likely to remain as is. The points cost system stumbles heavily due to some armies getting access to free or stupidly cheap weapons – SMs get 5pt Meltaguns and 0pts Multi Meltas. Even tau have access to a 2pt Meltagun!
      The current system is easiest to explain and work to, and the main issue with the first version of Tyrants Test has been its over complication where there were FAR simpler ways to do stuff – eg – the first set of scenarios I wrote.

  5. Great post,very enjoyable read,and I agree with most of what you say,and by the way,here is a great info about how to become a game tester

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