Why I play the games I play.

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The words:

"Coops you collect Flames of War"

"Yes I do"

"Want to show me how to play"

This little conversation with a friend has started a whole new wave of love for a game I thought had been destroyed by constant hammering's from a regular opponent.  So I've been reading, looking through old briefing books and an old love has come back. One of the reasons I like the system is the fact that it is balanced so well, its balance is due to history and the fact that a man is just man, no genetic manipulation, super death robots or roving bands of Zombie Ninja Samurai Combat Suit wearing Pirate Space Hookers. ( I think the last one has legs as a game system). So your opponent may think that turning up to the table with 4 king tigers (those are scary) and some infantry is going to win the game automatically but in F.O.W you play the objectives, you play the terrain and you play with what you have and not what the opponent has. So the basic point is a new starter can make an army that will be competitive if he learns the game properly, reads his rules, understands how terrain works etc.

I also want to share my love of this game with more people so I have devised a couple of training games with a little narrative, based on post May 1945 'what if' idea. 600pts and will usually take 45-60 mins per game. So if you would like to have a go just let me know all models and terrain are mine so all you need to bring is yourself.

Ok people onto another game I'm having a love/hate relationship at the moment, and that is Warmachine /Hordes. After what only can be described as a failing on my part at the hardcore heats in Northampton, I haven't played at all since, have I become fed-up with the game, No. I've grown slightly weary of the meta game I hear or see people talking about, my x,y & z combo will destroy any combo if, or my x,y & z combo will caster kill on x-1 turn, Auto includes etc . All the maths all the percentiles thats not what wargaming is about, Its about throwing down against someone who may beat you till you are a bloody mess on the floor, or you can fight and snatch victory from his smug face while he wonders how you pulled a kill combo out of a bunch of average troops.

How to remedy this malady , I haven't a clue, anyone got any ideas.

Anyway I think that enough for today.