Flames of War – Operation Market Garden!

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?30/5/2012 Operation Market Garden Begins!

This will be a 5 week Late War campaign using the Flames of War Firestorm rules

All you need is 1000 points to play. However, the rules let the combatants decide if they would like to play larger or smaller engagements. 

Battles can be played whenever and wherever so if you play outside the store simply email us at tabletoptyrant@gmail.com with the result. Every Wednesday Dustin, Kurt and a bunch of other Commanders will be down the store scraping it out. There will also be a couple of Sunday Games days, dates to be announced. 

For more information on how it all works ask Dustin. The firestorm rules look great. Here are a few highlights;

Reinforcements ranging from infantry squads to 4 shermans and a firefly (or a Kingtiger if you are German) coming to your aid. 

Supply Lines- keep them clear of the enemy or you can find yourself losing 20% of your army 

Themed battlefields

Allied Air superiority!

Poor allied intelligence. Monty and his men believed there was only one reluctant reserve division defending Holland. This information was correct 7 days earlier, but by the time the allies launched Operation Market Garden the Germans had 7 divisions including 2 elite SS and 200 armored units. 

Lastly I am looking for an allied General to be in charge of reinforcements and general strategy. Any takers? You do not have to be present every week, but 3 out of 5 at least.

Cassino – Final Combat Day Sunday 18/3/12

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After weeks of hard battle, bloodshed and over 30 different engagements the fate of Cassino hangs in the balance.

The score stands at 10 - 7 to the Axis, but there are 6 points up for grabs on the last day.

Will the Axis secure a Major Victory against the Allies halting their advance or will the Allies  turn it around and land a tactical victory against the Wehrmacht? It all hangs in the balance.

Panzers Schnell
Hitler, sensing victory, orders his Panthers forward

The final battle will be split into 3 theatres. Bring your Ace, his company and anything else you have.  We will field as much as reasonably possible!

The Axis  and Allies will also have High Commanders that will have access to reserves, bombardments and Aircraft.

Doors open at 10.30. Games begins at 11.15 am

Good luck Captains!

Infantry Aces & Flames of War 3rd Ed Update

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As you may know Flames of War  3rd Edition comes out next month and Battlefront are offering veteran players a very nice new book for free!

On 11th of February you can collect a copy of on the new edition softback rulebook  from Tabletop Tyrant for free if you can do the following;

  • Inform us before 6/2/11 that you will be collecting your book from us (in-store, by phone; 0116 2533954 or by email; tabletoptyrant@gmail.com)

  • Bring in a copy of your Flames of War hard back second edition rulebook on Saturday 11th of February (required) and your army if you fancy a game (optional).

The Cassino campaign we are starting this Wednesday will be run using the second edition rules throughout.

The Germans add more depth to the already formidable Gustav line


Flames of War – Your Infantry Ace

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One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Cassino campaign is creating your own warrior model called an Infantry Ace. During the campaign, you follow your warrior's story as he fights his way through the bloody battlefields of Monte Cassino.

Sean Connery in the Longest Day Your Infantry Ace is a company command team, replacing your regular first in command.  He retains the ratings and weapons of the team replaced. He is also a warrior (p78 of the rulebook).

Spiers from Band of Brothers As your Infantry Ace fights alongside your company he can earn medals which more importantly unlock new abilities.


Cassino – Infantry Aces Campaign

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Rome and Italy will remain in Axis hands unless the Monte Cassino is stormed.

Blocking the allied advance are elite German divisions, some hardened on the Eastern Front, some in Africa and others selected from the best of the best to form the elite Fallschirmjager.

Not only are there elite German formations equipped with the Latest Panzer IVs and Panthers blocking the route, there is the Rapido River, The Gustav defensive line and the Hitler defensive line. Both lines are deep and constructed with German precision.

Lastly there is the town of Cassino itself

Allied artillery bombardments have taken their toll on the Germans, but have made a a battlefield full of places for an infantryman to hide and spring deadly ambushes on the advancing allies.


Flames Of War

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If you fancy liberating Europe, subjugating the Soviet Union or Defending the Empire then speak to Dustin, as Tabletop Tyrant is now offering intro games of Flames of War.

For players with armies built and ready to go we will be hosting a Flames of War day very soon. The aim of the day is for people to bring down their armies and play opponents/armies they have not played before.