FNM & Innistrad Standard Tournament (2/10/11)

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To celebrate today's new release Innistad the store will be staying open until 10pm and running Friday Night Magic. Entry is free and the format is standard (remember that m11, zendikar, worldwake and rise of the eldrazi are now out of standard)

The tournament will kick off between 6.30 and 7pm.

This Sunday we are also running a standard tournament with full prize support. Entry is £2.50 and all entrants will get the following promo card;

The tournament begins at noon and should finish between 3 and 4 pm.



Innistrad Pre-release Events 24th & 25th September

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Don't forget that we have an Innistrad Pre-release this weekend and the spaces are filling up fast. So if you would like to reserve a place please email us (tabletoptyrant@gmail.com) or give us a ring on 0116 2533954.

Saturday 24th September: Booster Draft

Starts 12.30, £10 for 3 boosters and entry

Sunday 25th September: Sealed Deck

Starts 11.30, £18 for 6 boosters and entry

If you buy tickets for Saturday and Sunday you get a 10% extra discount off both your tickets!

Innistrad – Horror lurks within

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innistrad logo
Innistrad logo

Even though magic 2012 is not even out we have booked in two events for the next upcoming release, Innistrad. Put these dates in your diary and speak to a member of staff about reserving a place, as we will most likely fill up.

Sunday 25th September - Innistrad pre-release sealed deck event.


(Make a 40 card minimum deck out of 6 boosters) Price, £15 (assuming the RRP for innistrad boosters does not change) for entry and 6 boosters, a week before officially released!


Sunday 2nd October - Standard Tournament release event with prize support for the winners and losers.

£2.50 entry.


If enough people are interested we will also stay open late on the Friday 30th September release date for a standard tournament.