Puppet Wars Arrives and Hides Under Your Bed

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Puppet Wars gives you insight into the lives of Puppets when no one is
around to watch. It's simple, just find the other army's leader, and rip
him. If he's more frayed thread than stuffing, you've won. Start by
wielding Pins and Needles to go on the offensive, or Hide Under the Bed
if your enemy approaches. Animate all your friends from your Toy Box or
yell Mine! to take over your opponent's Toy Box so he has nowhere left
to sew up the wounded.

Game Overview

Puppet Wars is a game for 2 to 4 players. This box contains enough
Puppets for 2 players. Additional Puppets and Puppet Decks are sold

Each player begins the game with a single Animated Puppet: the Master
Puppet. Over the course of the game, each Master will construct an army
of animated Puppets by making use of the Work Benches scattered about
the board.

Puppets are small-minded creatures. They resemble their living
counterparts but only have a slight memory of how to function once they
become animated, and sometimes they are confused about their roles. But
watch out! They’re vicious when organized into an army!

Puppet Wars lets you command a Puppet Army. Your goal is to destroy
the competition and protect your Master, while retaining control of
those valuable Work Benches. If ever your Master is killed, or you lose
control of all your Work Benches, you’ve lost… game over, no more fun.




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As Kurt kindly pointed out when I came in today gifts have malifaux on the shelves...

So I'll be running a demo night/game for Kurt & Jack on Wednesday (I think??)

anyway if your intrested reply to this,

I've also found a few funky sites that people might like..





New Stuff! 27/2/11

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Quite a few new items in this week. First I'll start with the excellent new hobby accessory instant mold;


We will be selling 6 sticks of Instant Mold for £10.79. It can apparently easily make smaller pieces of equipment such as melta guns and jetpacks. You can also make miniatures from it, but I am not sure if the detail will carry over. Only one way to find out!


We also received the Dystopian Wars second wave of fighters and bombers for all four nations.

The Infinity starter sets and rulebooks came in, and the Malifaux rulebook.  I am also glad to announce the complete range for both systems is available to order in and will be priced at 10% off the RRP.

The much awaited expansion to Deathwatch, Rites of Battle, arrived. Where you can now be a Chaplain or Dreadnought and fight Warhound Titans!  Deathwatch RPG is also back in stock.

The February releases for Privateer Press arrived (such as Valachev and the the Black Frost Shard) and the complete range of P3 paints! Magic the Gathering Event Decks arrived, along with the Blood of Martyrs expansion book for Dark Heresy.

Another busy week next week the Orcs and Goblins launch is in and our first Blood and Oil since the nationals is on this Sunday.


New Stuff! 19/2/11

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In next week - Mirrodin Besieged Event Decks

These decks feature a 60 card main deck and 15 card sideboard, including 7 rares. Mirrodin Besieged features two event decks: a Mono-red event deck for the Mirran side ('Into the Breach') of the conflict, and a blue-black deck for the Phyrexians ('Infect and Defile'). These also come with a Spindown life counter and a card box. AThe basic idea for these items are to give casual players a chance to buy a product they can play right out of the box in a Standard/Type II event.

Coming Soon - Infinity

We have an order on the way of starter sets. The complete range will be available to order in. As with over games we support the Infinity instore range will grow with demand.

Lastly Maybe just maybe Malifaux will be coming in with the Infinity order. But, no promises!