Tyrant Me Up Please!

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After starting them at Blood and Oil last weekend I finally got them finished.

Stormfall Archers
Vyros Inspects His New Stormfall Archers

Now with a complete Warmachine unit painted and based can I please be promoted to full Tyrant Status?

The last few months I have not been enjoying painting, and it has shown with a total of zero models completely painted, until now! The warmachine bug bit me  in the weeks coming up to blood and oil and I got an urge to paint the archers and enjoyed it!

White is still a bugger to paint, but I found a few good articles on painting white, so I may paint try them out on a heavy jack next.

The trick for me was ignoring the white issue and focusing on the easy parts such as the metals and trying something new on the camo cloth. This week I have a 40k game vs the new Grey Knights. Next week the aim is to have a warmachine 50 pointer, and try these new bad boys out!

Blood and Oil – March

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Just in case an odd number turns up this Sunday. Dawnlord has mustered his troops;

Dawnlord Vyros + 6 W.J. Points

Hydra  - 9

Phoenix - 10

Archanist - 1

Archanist - 1

4 Stormfall Archers - 5

Scyir - 2

Griffon -4 (Marshalled by Scyir)








12 Invictors including officer and Standard - 12

12 Sentinels including officer and Standard - 11

Souless Escort - 1 (attached to sentinels)

Total - 56 Points

Looking forward to battling for the spoon! Not played in 6 months and was not very good when I did play. Bring it on!