Warhammer Campaign – Commanders & Cutthroats

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Starting Next week Tabletop will be running a mighty empires and Storm of Magic themed Campaign.

Armies start at 1000 points so it will be great for beginners or people starting a new army. Armies may be selected from the Warhammer armies books as normal, but no special characters are allowed.

So Far the Major Powers are;

  • Jon - Beastmen

  • Dustin - Chaos Dwarfs

  • Jack - Warriors Of Chaos

  • Kurtle - Skaven

  • Paul - Vampire Counts

  • Lee - Ogres

  • Stef - Lizardmen

  • Ben W - Vampire Counts

  • Ross - Vampire Counts

Minor Powers (whoever controls the minor power on the campaign map controls them on the battlefield. We will have the models on hand at tabletop);

  • Graveyard - Level 2 Necromancer with 10 Skeletons

  • Fire Peak - Level 3 Fire Wizard Lord

  • Wyvern's Layer - A Wyvern

  • Ancient Grove - A Treeman

  • Runehunter - A Runesmith with two autodispels and a 1+ Armour Save.

  • Ale Wagon Freehouse - Allows the owner of the bar to take allies in his list (The warhammer rulebook has a full set of rules for taking allies).  25% of your armies points may be spent on models from another army book.

If you fancy joining in just inform one of the Tyrants and we will put you in. There is plenty of scope in this campaign. If you are feeling particularly crazy you can even volunteer to be a minor power!